Better love story than Twilight

It all started that day, that day when he came to ask my help. After he lost everything he came to me to help him and that’s how he repaid me. All this time that everyone thought he was dead, with no ship, no crew, no one, I was there with him. I thought I had find the one. But all that was my illusion. It was all great, his health and his crafted metal arm was doing better. We were bonding and sharing each other’s beliefs. I started to love him and as he was saying he was too. One day as we were discussing he said to me that something was bothering him. He told me that he wasn’t feeling right about what’s happening. He said he wanted to stop Miss Fortune for revenge and for the good of the Bligewater. I wasn’t sure about this. On the one side I recognize this was important to him but on the other side I was worried about this. We didn’t have a real crew or a ship. Moreover, last time he lost his arm what if something more serious would happen now? After a lot of thinking I decide. I will help stop Miss Fortune. We start planning right away. We find a ship. We find a crew. So, it was nothing left but only to find Miss Fortune. As me and Gangplank were the bosses of the ship we were all time aware. As the days were passing by Gangplank was changing his behavior. In first I thought it my idea. Then I was thinking maybe is because he is really focus on this mission. But I was feeling that we weren’t that close anymore. I was feeling that his feelings for me was changing. After some days I couldn’t handle it. I had to ask him what’s going on. It was night. It was my turn to get some sleep and he was on the dock. I went up to talk to him. Then all just happened. I saw him with another. Not woman. Man. I saw him with another man! I couldn’t believe in my eyes. He was in the dock with another man hugging and he kissed him one time and then lay his head over his shoulder. The other man was one of the crew members. His name was Pyke. I was so angry I couldn’t think right. I start screaming and everyone came to the dock. Gangplank was trying to speak but I couldn’t hear him. From all this anger I didn’t knew what I was doing…. I remember only that I summon some tentacles and dropped Pyke to the sea. I remember that everyone was afraid of me and trying to run or hide. I remember Gangplank try to go to save him, but I catch him with a tentacle and didn’t let him go. I remember I didn’t want to hurt Gangplank because I was in love with him. When I was calm enough I continue and finished the mission, but I was never the same again. I left him and return to the temple.
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