New additional champions origins and classes for TFT Team Fight Tactics

I've been thinging about new tactics for TFT. Let me now what you think or like it if you like the idee. Would be cool if Riot is watching and looking at this idee as well. Poison Class Tier 1 {{champion:17}} Teemo Yordle/poison Tier 2 {{champion:27}} Singed Developer/poison Tier 3 {{champion:96}} Kog maw void/poison Tier 4 {{champion:69}} Cassio wild/poison Tier 5 {{champion:29}} Twitch wild/poison/ranger Poisoned enemies will lose % health per second: (2x) 5%, (4x)10% Developer origin Tier 1 {{champion:42}} Corki developer/gunslinger Tier 2 {{champion:68}} Rumble developer/brawler Tier 3 {{champion:516}} Ornn developer/elemental Tier 4 {{champion:74}} Heim developer/shapeshifter Tier 5 {{champion:112}} Viktor developer/Hextec/sorcerer Items will be enpowered: (2x) 1 randem item, (4x) 2 randem items, (6x) all items For example: {{item:3371}} If they will add these champions, they will also have to think about getting champions more easly because the pool of champions will enlarge a lot. Maybe make the first 3 rerolls for 1 gold, the next 3 for 2 gold en so on. Or add a extra champion slot. Let me know what you think would work best! What champions are still missing let me know your thoughts, I was for example also thinking about Tier 3 {{champion:12}} Alistar Wild/Guardian
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