Odyssey Contest Entry: "A Lilly made of Light and Wonder"

#_**"A Lilly Made of Light and Wonder"**_ It was the middle of the night, I was pacing back and forth in the lab waiting for my uncle to show up. I checked the time on my holo-watch. Right when I was about to call him again, the sliding door opened and he walked in, he had an angry look but also a worried one. _-Where have you been? I waited for a whole hour, did you tell anyone you are coming?_-I started raining questions on him I was so nervous, but he probably knew already. _-Calm down, no one knows of our talk earlier and no one knows I am here._-He leaned on one of the desks and rubbed the sides of his head.-Show me... -he said with curiosity. _-Right away_...-I turned my head to the big screen in the room..- G-L please, project the signal that we caught earlier with the P.U.V.-G-L was and Artificial Intelligence Assistant that my mom created, after all, she was the smartest person in whole Demaxia. _-Yes, little one_..-Answered the voice, I always found his voice calming it was deep but kind of jolly and he always knew what to advice me. _-P.U.V? Is that your mothers' last invention the one that...that she tried to hide with her life_...-He came close to the screen, waiting to see what his sister died for. _-Yes....P.U.V stands for Parallel Universe Visualisator..and it really does show them pretty clearly and uncle... I am...afraid of what is showing_...-I pressed the button on the little yellow round device in my hand and a big shimmering image appeared. It was a normal looking universe, you could see stars and galaxies... _-I don't understand....nothing seems out of the ordinary_...-He got closer to the projection..and then a massive purple creature appeared it was so big our mind could not comprehend it held a galaxy in its hand and slowly crushed it.-_What is this? Some kind of simulation? Is it a weapon?_ _-No uncle...This is on the other side of the Ora Door, the one that Kayn desperately is trying to open. And it's not just one of those purple creatures there are many they feed on galaxies and if Kayn opens that door and the get throe our universe is doomed._-He closed his eyes for a moment -_You have to tell Kayn! You have to warn all of them_... - He raised a hand and I stopped talking. My uncle was an Ordinal and The Official Pilot Trainer of The Demaxia Empire. He knew how to make someone stop talking and listen. _-We will not tell anyone, we can not tell anyone_..-My eyes widened and panic took over me... _-WHAT!! Are you saying we have to stay and watch while they destroy everything with their blind plans, YOU know what you saw in the P.U.V and you still refuse, if you are scared I will go tell him in person, after all, I am the Lead Scientist's daughter he will listen to me... _ _-You don't understand_..-He interrupted me..-_ Sheida is not the same after Jarvans death he doesn't take leadership too well he makes irrational desitions and if he hears what you told me he will have you thrown in a Blackhole. He will think you are trying to stop him from his goal_...-He cupped my face in his hand and looked me straight in the eyes..- _I will not tell anyone, but you will and not to Kayn, not to anyone in this Empire...You know whom you have to find. The only ones whom your father would have trusted with this information_..-And I really knew but I hated the idea of finding them and trying to reason with them they were crazy vandals with no clear goals to me. I didn't say anything to my uncle I just nodded._-Take your ship and go, I will cloak you from our radars so you have time but they will find you are gone and_...-He paused and hugged me...-Just fly as I taught you Little flower. He kissed my forehead and left. His voice came from my holo _"Get in your ship I will tell you when to blast off''._ _-O-Okay.G-L prepare the ship for taking off I need to grab some things_...-I grabbed my moms light laser and her red beret hat. _-Starfire is ready for taking off, small girl person_..-I put my hand in the gauntlet and took the P.U.V and entered the ship. It was white small and really fast, my moms favorite. I took a cable and plugged it into the gauntlet.-GL Pinpoint the Morning Star location and prepare the light speed mode.-I buckled up and waited for the signal. A little hologram of my uncle appeared on my control deck ._-Everything is set...Be careful and if anything gets out of hand, activate G-Ls Colossus mode and get out of there_...-I didn't say anything I knew that I was in danger but I would do anything to try and save everyone._-Blast of in 3,2,1...Go_.-I pulled the control device and flew off... _-Morning Star Location discovered. Activating light speed thrusters_..-The stars outside turned into bright lines and blurry spots. It took only a few seconds and then we slowed down and stopped. In front of me was the Morning Star it was so much bigger than Starfire. I stood silent for a second I knew they saw me now I just watched at the control deck, waiting for the hologram to appear. _-Well, well, well.._-A girl's voice cracked true the sepaker.._-Are you lost little buddy, Imperial ship, alone in the middle of nowhere_...-She laughed, like a maniac.._-Give me one reason to not evaporate you right now..._ I didn't say anything I just turned On my Hologram transmitter and raised the gauntlet on my hand... _-It cant be_..-A male voice interrupted..._-The Explorer's Gauntlet...How did you get that...WHO ARE YOU!?_-I licked my lips and felt how dry my mouth was and said: _-My name is Liliyann Starguard, daughter of Luxanna Starguard and I need your help to save the universe!_ ***************** **** And that's it, a whole 999 words. I really hope you enjoy it and if you have questions about it (i am sure you will) I will gladly answer. Also, tell me if you liked it or if you disliked it, I like to learn from my mistakes.
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