Dark Love stories from Down Below - The past hurts, focus on the present

"And we could be zombies, robots, dinosaurs, aliens, and all sorts of odd things! Can you imagine, Willump?" The yeti did no more than sounds of agreement in his own tone, enjoying the overly happy antics of it's rider, Nunu. As they casually walked towards the winter forest of Freljord, they were onwards of finding a new adventure! "What do you think, Willump? What would you want to be?" The yeti thought for a bit, but then answered in his own language, only Nunu could understand his meaning. "Awww, I know you always want to be with me, but I mean... What would you want to be WITH me?" He chuckles, thinking again before answering again. "Purple? Just yourself, but purple? You're an odd one, Willump." Willump laughed, causing the boy to laugh in response. "I still can't decide what adventures I would want to perform... So many options... And this because we became friends, Willump. Can't wait to tell my mom..." Nunu froze, and Willump's usual smile faded as he went to a stop. Nunu's mother was always a sensitive subject to talk about, being torn away from her... Willump slowly tried to look up at the boy, not saying anything for now, letting him recollect his thoughts. "I wish... I could see her again... I'd do anything so I could be with her again..." Tears strolled down his cheek, he missed her, for sure... A face wipe later, and he had to sigh saddened, he didn't want to break the happy moment they were having, but it slipped... "Sorry... I should be happy that I got to meet you, but sometimes I hoped to be back at my home with her... D-don't take it wrong, Willump. I like you too." The yeti knew he did, he wasn't upset, he was worried. Although it was short lived as he heard a noise out of nowhere, keeping his guard up. Even Nunu was a bit cautious at the sounds, wondering what could had caused them... Then it came upon them. "WILD WOLVES!" A large pack of Freljordian wolves appeared from behind trees and bushes, thinking of the yeti as a good meal, and Nunu as an appetizer. The yeti thought of fighting, but they were about 40, even with their combined strength, it would be difficult to deal with them all if they went at the same time. Reconsidering his odds, the Yeti started running off in a direction, knocking aside wolves that blocked their path. "Let's hope we can lose them! I'll throw some snowballs!" As such, Nunu tossed snowballs at the wolves behind him, but even with successful knock downs, they still picked up pace fast. They needed to lose them somehow! Then the boy heard his companion get his attention, causing the former to stare forward. They were heading towards a frozen lake. "Good idea! We can lose the wolves if we manage to get past the lake and break the ice behind us!" Great minds thinking alike, they started crossing the lake, it was halfway across the lake that their faces went of pure horror... The lake was thin... It barely started handling Willump's weight and after halfway across, the ice broke and both fell into the frozen cold water. ... ... ... "Ugh... My head... Where am I? And why am I wet?" The boy thought as he slowly woke up to realize that he was underwater, somehow breathing. He panicked for a moment before calming down, confusion on his face. "This is so weird... Is this a dream? I don't recall wishing for an underwater adventure... Yet... Should try one sometime..." Unaware of the situation, he starts looking around. As expected, the upper part of the ocean was bright, as if the sun was shining directly on him. But bellow it was pitch black... He was worried about swimming downwards to find how deep this place was... He didn't recall the lake being that large... Or void of life... "That's weird... Didn't we fall down an ice lake? Why am I not shivering or freezing? And where's the ice on top? Did any wolves fall down with us?" Lots of questions were on his mind until they finally wrapped around... "WILLUMP! Where is he!?" Finally, he started to look around for his friend, didn't took long for him to catch sight of his furry friend, back faced against Nunu. Without hesitation, he started swimming, he was quite far, but eventually made it. "Willump, I got so worried... Come on, we have to get out of here and back to dry land." Once he turned him around, he was stumped to find his best friend looking still... Wasn't breathing, his eyes lifeless, his body limp and harder to move... The boy had no idea what was going on, he was confused. "Willump... This isn't funny... Come on, buddy, we have to go!" But the yeti didn't budge... He couldn't... When the confusion was sort of at it's peak, he heard a familiar voice. ~Hello, Nunu...~ The boy turned around, his eyes in shock before what he saw left him speechless for once... It was his mother, she was equally underwater, shining a bit, she wasn't breathing like she needed to, as if she was standing in air instead. "Mom...?" ~How's my little boy doing?~ "I can't belive it's you! I thought I lost you! I'm so glad you're alive and fine!" ~Same goes for you. Of course, I'm more of a mere mirage of what you hope to happen.~ "What do you mean? You're right here, right? What else could..." The boy tried to hug his mother, but noticed that his arms phased through his mother... As if she was a ghost... He was shocked and then looked up... "M-mom...?" ~I may or may not be dead, that's a fact you don't know, but I can't be with you physically, not until you make a decision...~ "A decision?" ~Aren't you forgetting someone?~ The boy gasped and turned around, he almost forgot his friend Willump, who still looked like the life was drained out of him. "M-mom... What's wrong with Willump? Why isn't he moving? Why does he look... Cold...?" ~Best I can explain this to you, my child... Is that this is sort of a dream, except what you do here will take effect in life...~ "W-what?" ~Whoever sent you here... Is trying to make you a deal. But I want you to carefully think it through before you say anything. Rashness can cost you...~ "D-deal?" The more the mother spoke, the more frightened the young child was. ~Whoever put us all here, wants to make a trade... You will be brought back to the real world and you get to see me, alive or dead, depending on my current fate. But... In exchange, Willump will disappear forever... To the bottom of the sea...~ The boy stared in shock at his mother then back at his friend. Trading his best friend for his mother, who he wasn't even sure if she was alive, there was no guarantees if he went through with the deal... But Willump and him have been friends for so long... To betray him like this... He couldn't... Could he? "Is there no other way? Where I can meet you both? To have you both with me?" The mother sighed and shook her head. ~I'm sorry, my child. But at this moment, such is not possible...~ The boy thought hard and long about it... He finally had a way to be with the only family he had left... But to lose Willump was too much of a price... It took him some painfully long minutes, but in the end, he made his decision as he went to Willump and hugged him, as if that's how it would work. "I prefer to be with Willump to find you, mom... He doesn't deserve this... To be discarded like a toy! We'll find you mom... Together... I have to stop thinking about you and focus on what we can do!" ... ... ... Suddenly, the whole thing went too bright and I felt myself being pulled. Suddenly I was out of the freezing waters as Willump pulled me out! I coughed for air as he kept moving me forward! It took me a while to figure out what was going on, but once we reached the solid ground where snow existed instead of ice, I remembered where I was... We just crossed the lake, the wolves were left behind, those who didn't stop beforehand were drowned in the ice cold water in their attempts to chase us. After a while of growling, they turned and left, their meal lost. I took a moment to compose myself... Willump just saved me out of the ice cold water, I could had died... And if that... That dream? That vision? Was true... I'd probably die if I picked my mom over Willump... After a long silence, the yeti made a noise worried at me, as if asking me if I was alright. I couldn't help but jump at him to hug him, crying from joy. "Willump... No matter what... I will never trade you or leave you for anything in this world. You're my friend. And I'm glad of that." His speech made the yeti smile, sorta confused why the sudden speech. But needless to say that ever since then, we were together for the better. We were friends. And good friends stay with each other for a long time. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Friendships tend to be made to last. If they don't, they weren't friends to begin with. They shouldn't be based on a weak concept, they should be based on something that one grew to love from the start. Two more targets of my tests have passed. We'll see another day what more it can offer.

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