Odyssey Fan Fiction Contest

THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED! Thanks to everyone who entered, please give us a day or two to get the shortlist selected and the poll up! :) I'll put it all in a new post when we're ready! **It’s time for another League of Legends fan fiction contest!** {{sticker:sg-kiko}} With the launch of the Morning Star (seriously, would you fly in a spaceship piloted by Jinx?!) and the hunt for Kayn underway, we thought it would be fun to engage our own engines and hyperdrive towards some awesome stories of League with a sci-fi twist! So dust off those typewriters, boot up those computers, and refill those ink pens: it’s time to create a masterpiece…. We are challenging you to come up with a short story based on League of Legends champions with a Science Fiction theme. You can use the Odyssey alternate universe or create an AU of your own: whatever your imagination wants! **Contest Rules** • Submissions must include at least one League of Legends champion and have a science fiction theme. • Submissions must be no longer than 1000 words. There is no minimum word limit. • You may only enter this contest once! We want you to show off your best possible piece of work. • Submissions must be created and written entirely by you and for this contest - this is a chance to show off your own creativity! • Submissions must be written in English, as this is a competition run by the Riot UK office. • Submissions must be posted on the [fanfiction board](https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/fan-fiction) with the title in the following format: “Odyssey Contest Entry: ‘Your_Title_Here’”. IF YOU DO NOT DO THIS YOUR ENTRY MAY NOT BE READ. • You must be on the EUW or EUNE server to enter. • Submissions must be appropriate for players of all ages! No gratuitous sex or violence please (we are British after all). **How will winners be selected?** All entries will be read by the Riot UK office and we will create a shortlist of 10 entries based on: • Creativity: Hard to quantify, but how creative your entry is and how well you have portrayed the champions of League of Legends in your writing. • Theme: your story must feature at least one League of Legends champion and have a science fiction theme. Besides this we will look at how you have interpreted the theme. • Grammar: Nobody's writing is perfect, and the odd spelling mistake shouldn’t detract from a good story. However, we need to be able to get through your story without too much confusion! Once the shortlist has been decided, a voting poll will open up to the community and it is then down to you to pick your winners! **How to Submit?** Once your masterpiece is complete and ready to share with the community, head over to the [fanfiction board here ](https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/fan-fiction) and create a new thread with your entry (make sure it’s formatted so it’s easy to read). Please make sure you title your entry according to the contest rules or it may not be read! This is to ensure we can tell competition entries apart from other board posts. We’d love everyone to get involved and head over to the fanfiction board and give each other feedback and support on entries. **Dates** Competition opens 17th September 2018 and closes at 10pm BST on Sunday 30th September 2018. The shortlist will then be revealed to the community for final voting shortly after this date. **Prizes** • 1st Place: 5000 RP + Odyssey skin (and champ if needed) of your choice • 2nd Place: 3000 RP + Odyssey skin (and champ if needed) of your choice • 3rd Place: 2500 RP + Odyssey Space Lizard Ward So what are you waiting for? Let the Morning Star inspire you and share your stories with us soon! As usual we couldn't resist getting involved here at Riot UK... You can spot the newest member of our office and her [Jinx-tastic offering here](https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/fan-fiction/mJwuerEe-odyssey-fan-fiction-entertained-to-death-hello-community-im-new)! While another Editor-in-Chief who *should* know better went a bit over the word limit with [his masterpiece here](https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/fan-fiction/E3Ugk49d-odyssey-contest-non-entry-i-accidentally-did-this-on-purpose)! And of course I couldn't resist giving it a go myself, you can spot [my non-entry here](https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/fan-fiction/54k59PMQ-odyssey-contest-non-entry-time-for-a-tea-break)!
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