Pyke, the Monster of Bilgewater

Known for his scary face and toxic body, Pyke lies under the waters of Bilgewater. People from all over the island of Bilgewater thought this creature was just a legend until one day a 14 year old boy was missing after swimming in the sea. The boy's parents were calling him for dinner that day until suddenly (the parents quote) a huge, disgusting monster showed up from the water and devoured the boy without any warning. People from the Island of Bilgewater decided to stay safe and never go too deep into that water from that day on. One day, 2 brave creatures and great swimmers of the tribe decided to go on an adventure to hunt down that monster. One was named Rek'Sai and the other Fizz. They were very old friends and they were known for their magnanimity among their people. They started their journey by preparing their equipment and riding their submarine that was specifically designed for journeys like this one. They had no idea when and where they will find him exactly but they weren't worried about that at all. Going deep into the waters of Bilgewater was something no one would think of doing as it is a very dangerous adventure. Fizz and Rek'Sai were ready to sacrifice their lives for their families and friends for glory and honour. Their journey was going on for days and days not giving any signs of the location of the monster. Fizz started to lose interest and hope in finding the monster but his friend Rek'Sai kept his hopes up. One afternoon, Fizz and Rek'Sai started hearing weird sounds outside their submarine. Both of them ran up to the closest window from their excitement to see what is going on. While Fizz was looking out, a green tentacle-shaped hand slapped the window of the submarine and made Fizz fall from his imbalance. Rek'Sai hurried to Fizz and helped him out and went to see what was the matter. They saw the same monster the parents of the 14 year old boy who was devoured described. They ran to grab their equipment and Rek'Sai made the submarine float above the sea in order for them to get outside of the submarine. Fizz and Rek'Sai were standing above the submarine holding their equipment waiting for something to happen. A couple of minutes later, the monster popped out of the sea and Fizz and Rek'Sai were ready to make their move. The monster didn't wait a moment and grabbed both Fizz and Rek'Sai with his hands. Fizz and Rek'Sai were dazzled by his speed. Both of them were trying hard to escape from him but they failed as the monster was too big and strong. Suddenly, a voice was coming out from the monster. Fizz and Rek'Sai were fascinated that he was able to talk. The monster introduced himself as Pyke. He told them that he won't hurt them and he wanted to talk to them and ask a question to the people of Bilgewater. Fizz and Rek'Sai asked him about the incident that happened a few years ago where he devoured a 14 year old boy and the reason for his doing. He told them that he had to execute someone in order to talk and he wouldn't have been able to talk to them right now if he didn't devour the boy. Both Fizz and Rek'Sai felt bad for the young boy and they asked him about the question he wanted to ask to the people of Bilgewater. Pyke told them to ride on his head where he will take them back to their home and let them introduce him and let him talk to the people of Bilgewater. They arrived to their home where all of their people where cheering for them and celebrating. Fizz and Rek'Sai asked everyone to calm down and they had to let their head of tribe Gangplank and his wife Miss Fortune talk to Pyke. At first, everyone was confused and they thought that Fizz and Rek'Sai were joking. They said they weren't and they asked Pyke to come out of the water. Some people started running and others were stunned by the situation. Pyke told them that he is coming in peace and he wanted to ask the head of their tribe a question. Gangplank was a very old man and he was known for his many adventures in the seas. Gangplank asked him what was the question. Pyke offered their tribe protection as long as they treat him as one of them. Gankplank was very happy to hear that since he was very old and he didn't know someone who would take care of his tribe well. He asked his tribe if he should agree. The tribe were cheering and celebrating once more and they all agreed to the huge, green monster called Pyke.
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