Fan Fic - Kaisa's Warning

Ok gang it's Odyssey fan fic competition time but that doesn't mean we stop writing other stuff. I was trying to figure out a song to write for the release of Popstar {{champion:145}} but I remembered that I don't write pop songs. Since I didn't read her lore, I started with that. First idea I had was to write a reunion between her and her mother. The idea was to make it dramatic, make peeps cry or feel the emotion. The line "this world is changing. i will/have to go away with it" comes from that 1st idea. Chained {{champion:145}}, the last void related creature in the world is saying goodbye to her mother. She is telling her how she met a man who looked like her father, but the man changed so much and since her mission is to kill the void she did it - killing her own father in the process {{champion:38}}. A beast in chains. Thinking about it, I started writing stuff from what I read, trying to complete the puzzle from random lines. I might come back one day to the 1st idea but for now hear Kaisa's Warning to you.. ________________________________ Imagine a place where it's always night and you're holding faith for a dawn that never comes. A place that sends shivers down your spine just by hearing the silence that dwells around you, and it makes your skin cells crawl like if every single pore between them is being pierced by a needle so slender, no blood has escaped out. Now imagine what home smells like. Freshly sliced peaches, lucious in taste and looking just perfectly ripe. The blooming sky above you, shining down in its whole glory and the people ohhh.. so many people, everywhere.. how I will miss them. In the void I had no one. I was a doomed outsider. And this place... it's so beautiful, too beautiful. This world is changing. I will go away with it. The things you've seen, the shivers you've felt, those thousand pins piercing through your skin - they all will feel no more than just like an itch, compared to whats coming. When memories fade and they will and when darkness surrounds you, find the strength inside. Carry hope upon your shoulders. Don't bend down under the grievous burden. I promise... Forgiveness is hard, I know but so very worth it. I hope you will find it in yourself to forgive me, one day. This world is changing, and I shall decide into what. Beware the girl who came back a monster.

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