Once upon a time...there were two siblings.

The story started like this, Once upon a time Sarah with her brother Pyke was very ambitious. Pyke as he was the younger in the family, he was helping the family. His dad was a fisherman and his mother was working as a seamstress but she was having trouble with her health. Sarah was working to pirate ship. As Sarah power was getting bigger bigger and Pyke was growing too, he wanted to be a pirate too. His sister didn’t want him with her because she said there is no place for him and he will only get hurt and someone must watch their mother. Although Pyke wasn’t letting his dream down. He was trying to find even as a sailor to work to go out to the sea. Sarah finally went to a big pirate ship. The captain was the famous Gangplank. Pyke hopes was very high. He asked his sister again to help him put him in the crew members even as a cleaner or as a helper. Sarah once again said to him that she didn’t want him. Pyke was very angry. He stopped searching for someone to take him to his ship. He was helping his father and mother. One day an opportunity appeared for him. He learned from other sailors and fishermen that a woman called Miss Fortune took the ship of Gangplank’s. He went right away to his home and start packing his things. He left a note to his family and went to the sea with the boat of hid dad that he had for fishing. He was sure that his plan was going to work. He searched a lot but after some months he found him. He found Gangplank. He told him that he could help him take revenge. He didn’t told him the truth though. He told him that his brother was a crew member of Miss Fortune ship’s and that he can learn where she is heading and that they can make an ambush to her. Gangplank trusted him and with the help of Illaoi they start to plan the mission. Pyke from the other hand send a letter to her sister asking her to meet because their mother wasn’t good. Everything was on point. When the day came, Gangplank’s ship surprised Miss Fortune ship’s with cannon shots. When his crew start climbing to the ship Pyke wasn’t going. He started regret what he had done. Miss Fortune tried to find Gangplank to kill him to stop this. As she was searching she saw her brother. She shouted his name. “Pykeeee!” Pyke turned around and saw her. He tried to say sorry but he couldn’t look at her. After all this was finished and Miss fortune with some of the crew members of hers escaped. Pyke was very quiet. Suddenly someone reach his hand to his shoulder and knock him down. When he turned, he saw Gangplank with a sailor. He was confused at first. Gangplank then said why he told lies to him and asked him if this was all a plan with his sister. Then he understood. He tried to explain but Gangplank didn’t believed him. He threw him from the plank to the sea.
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