Snowdown Contest Entry: The tale of krampus and the elfs

"Time to go" -Said krampus thresh harshly To his most ambitious elfs meet Senna and Lucian, they both work with thresh with the naughty duty to punish those who had been bad, and glorify the good ones. "We need to go" said thresh "Right now?" said lucian with a curious tone "Yes lucian you curiosity is not misplaced, well you see my boss had a funny accident, the friend that i m talking about is of course Santa Gragas! Who drunk to much! He is still in bed sleeping probably dreaming about more drinking!" said Thresh. "Alright Then let s go on our way" Said Senna with joy The three of them go to the stable where the poro's reside they are still sleeping, the gongo to wake them up is next to the poro with the blue nose who is very cranky and doesn t like unexpected visits. Senna and lucian are face to face with the gongo the only thing separating them is of course the blue nose cranky poro, Senna has a good soul, she reaches to her pocket that has a cookie but not any regular cookie, it's baked my lucian grandmother that materialized the chemical of love, the poro is overwelmed with the smell senna reaches to him and gives him the cookie in one minute all you can see is a little bit of chocolate in the mustache of the cranky poro. "Good Job Senna i wil ring the gongo and let s go" said Lucian *the gongo does a loud noise and every poro wakes up thresh alines the poro's in the sleigh one by one* All is ready Krampus sits in the sleigh and the ambitious elfs go in a smaller sleigh, you may now wonder how does the sleigh fly? The poro's catch the christmas joy of every children and then they can fly, this joy reaches krampus thresh and the elfs who have now the trust and the joy to go on their way. It's a long list to fullfil and the good children one by one get now what they expected all year and the bad one's only see a a little bit of coal in their socks, they now reach piltover a city that look s like the sun do you know why? It s full of christmas decorations it even has a statue of krampus thresh when he saw the statue a tear of joy go down is face, krampus does not represent the evil part of christmas afterall, there is only house left that is close to zaun in that house relays vi and his younger sister jinx. Vi has been good all year and the present she receives is a pair of blox gloves but not any pair it his from her favorite fighter Knockout Lee sin!. Jinx is a clever girl and while the krampus and the elfs are putting the presents she catch's them. "Why are you doing this" said Senna Sad "Because every year all i get is a little bit of coal dark as night and it feels bad to receive it because in someway you are saying that only evil resides in me" "Well that's porpuse" said thresh "Thresh don t say that it's only a little girl every one of them has joy in them but i wonder what can spark her hapiness, jinx may i reach the bag please?" *Jinx allowed it" "There is no more gifts only a pleasunt surpirse for you jinx"said lucian *Lucian then pulls out of the bag the cranky poro that sneak up and was hidden in the bag without anyone noticing" Jinx See the nose that matchs the color of her hair all of a sudden they look each other in the eye s and then a spark illuminates the dark room* "It was a spark of joy" said krampus Lucian and Senna are overwelmed by the connection of the cranky poro and the little mischief jinx. Jinx then takes the poro and sleeps with him. A lesson has been learned by krampus and the elfs every Bad Child as joy in them they just need to find away to fire their joy. The list is complet the elfs and thresh then go home, Krampus has a meeting with Santa Gragas Lucian and senna try to hear it but all you can hear is *boom boom* all of sudden the noise is gonne krampus opens the door and notices senna is peeking. Krampus is glad because they have reached an agreement next year the Children that are "bad" will not receive coal but an opportunity to spark joy.

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