FOR THE HAND OF NOXUS! [Fan fiction Contest Submission]

The Introduction: Aggression, discipline, relentlessness - That’s how the warrior Darius earned tremendous respect in Noxus. With a sinister and strict stare, his mighty and terrifying Battleaxe firm in hand, he glanced out of the stone round arch window. A self-confident grin flickered across his scarred face. He had drastic changes in mind for Noxus’ future, pridefully dead set upon them being successful. He looked over his shoulder as he heard a faint, hoarse laugh. Full of enthusiasm, Draven swung his axes, threw a questioning glance at Darius. “It’s time, isn’t it, brother?” A short, ominous silence followed that question, Darius just gazed into the Distance. He turned around slowly and looked sternly into his brothers crazy eyes, while he stroke the ragged blade of his mighty axe with his bare hand “It is time already,” Darius continues to stare out of the stone arch window and let his mind wonder back to when he was on his campaign in **Freljord**. (5 Years ago) Darius received orders from Darkwill to travel far north towards Freljord to "Convince" the barbarian tribes to join the might of Noxus or perish. Darius accepts and begins his travels towards Freljord with his warhosts at hand, during the travels Darius leads the march with 4 of his most trusted and capable comrades in arms by his side. _**Likshaw** - Is a small heavy built male aged 32, 5'6ft in height and almost weighs 300lbs of pure muscle, his weapon of choice is just a small shield that can just about cover his left hand and his right hand is bare but has an unusual bright purple stone embedded into the back on his hand, it was rumored Likshaw came in possession of ancient runes that grant the wielder immense power. **Kesmay** - is a petite slender female 6'7 in height and weighs 177lbs and aged 29, her weapon of choice was 2 shields both the size of an average male and weighing almost as much as one too. **Meldu** - is a rugged medium/heavy build male, aged 52, weighs 224lbs and stands 6'2ft in height, his weapon of choice is a combination of a bastard sword and a dagger. **Jenki** - is a teenager aged 15 who weighs 196lbs stands at 6ft tall and his weapon of choice is full suit of armor with his gauntlets being massive in size, he uses his own style of martial arts combined with his massive gauntlets._ Upon reaching Freljord they get antiquated with their surroundings "Its quite chilly aint it" said Jenki while trying to stay warm within his heavy suit of armor, the rest grunt in agreement and they continue to look around "Theres alot of cliffs and snow and hills and ah...cliffs? d..did I say cliffs?" Jenki says while admiring the environment around them, Darius raises his right hand above his head with a clenched fist to signal a stop "Indeed there is a great deal of cliffs Jenki, stay on alert this is a perfect place for an ambush" Darius says while staring at all the cliffs around them "Oh would you look at that" says Likshaw in a delighted tone, everyone's attention shifts to what in front of their path "Oh what the f**k is this" said Meldu, as everyone looks ahead there is a large wagon in the distance with slight sounds of singing almost like a woman singing an alibi to her child "Its looks almost like a house on wheels" Jenki says. Darius gives orders "Jenki, Kesmay come with me everyone else set up a camp" Darius, Jenki and Kesmay continue towards to wagon while the others relay orders to the warband behind. As Darius, Jenki and Kesmay draw closer towards the wagon they can hear a song loud and clear "The wolf approaches, The lion sleeps, One is blue as the ice we see, the other is red as the blood we bleed" as the song is being sung it sounded like their was someone whispering it right into their ears. as Darius approaches he hears a whisper "Enter alone little wolf, you have a destiny that don't concern you're pack" Darius stops for a second then says "You two wait here a keep watch for me, I will go inside alone" Jenki and Kesmay nod in agreement. Darius enters the wagon, it has alot of space almost like it was bigger than the outside, the wood finer than anything he has ever seen and a smell so sweet it almost makes him nauseous, as he looks around the wagon he sees a young woman with beauty for exceeding his own standards and expectations sitting by a fireplace staring at the flames. Darius stares at the women and just when he was about to speak the woman sings another verse of her song "The lion slumbers, The wolf bleeds, now comes the rain to clean away the wounds, the wolf sleeps while the lion kneads but both don't know what ultimatum awaits" The woman turns her body and faces Darius, Darius can not believe his eyes as a woman with snow white hair with her right eye being red while the other eye is blue, wearing a dress that has 2 themes split in the middle, the right side is red & black with what looks like a wolf pattern while the other side is blue & white with a lion pattern. As Darius stares sharply into the woman's eyes while loosening his grip on his axe, "Oh my little wolf, the pain and suffering you had endured, ever since you were small and frail you used the pain to become powerful, to protect what is dear to you, oh my little wolf, the pain you have experienced will be nothing compared to whats to come, you will come face to face with a lion of blue and white and when that happens, the outcome of that battle will change the world as we know it, do you think you are ready to become apart of a war that even gods would fear" as Darius looks at the woman's eyes she rises her right arm in front of her and whispers "take my hand and become the avatar of the wolf, become what you were destined to be, become a king" Darius rises his hand and as soon as he takes her hand everything became shining bright white and something whispers in his ear "You have 5 years to prepare for you're final battle Darius, the battle for the throne, the battle of the gods" then shortly after that the wagon vanishes and Darius has been left lay down in the snow unconscious "Oh sh*t oh F**k please don't tell me he dead" Jenki said in a panic "No don't be ridiculous he has a pulse and theirs no sign of damage or struggle he ju...." as Kesmay was examining Darius he awakens "Oh thank noxus he is alive" Jenki says in relief Darius stands up and his mood quickly becomes sour and angry "F**king witches and their god damn tricks" he said, "What happened Darius" said Kesmay "Nothing" said Darius "lets get back to the others, we are not far from our mission" Darius starts walking back towards camp and Jenki and Kesmay follows. (Back to the present day) A scout rushes into the room Darius and Draven looks at him with anticipation "There here" said the scout, Draven laughs as can hardly contain his excitement "What are we waitin for haha lets give em a slice of Noxus" Draven rushes out of the room towards the battlefield just before Darius walks past the scout says "The enemys leader is Garen sir but the banners they hold are not of any Demacian patterns I have seen" Darius looks back at the scout "what do they look like" the scout looks at Darius and says "The banners have a lion on them" there was a pause as Darius knows that this is what that woman foretold 5 years ago, Darius laughs and says "Tell the Warmasons to bring me my new armor, I feel now is the right occasion to wear it" the scout runs at full speed to deliver the message while Darius is left smiling and laughing. On the battlefield 100.000s of Noxin and Demacian army's stand towards one another in the front lines awaiting commands from their generals in the middle of the Noxian army is the The Trifarian Legion who is deemed to strongest and the most battle-hardened military force within the Noxian empire Jenkim, Kesmay, Meldu and Likshaw are among the legion currently awaiting orders from Darius "What are they dragging onto the battlefield" Said Jenki "I don't know but it looks like a f**king mountain" said Meldu as they stare at the Demacian army dragging a colossal statue towards the front line of their armys "What ever it is, it wont stop me from smashing it to pieces" said Liksaw whiling cracking his knuckles. At last Darius walk out onto the battlefield wearing what could only be described as one who has touched divinity "Warriors of Noxus!" Darius shouted "We are the most feared, the most ruthless, the most powerful army this world will ever see, this war will test our resolve and our strength...ARE YOU READY TO BUST SOME HEADS!!!" The entire Noxian army cheer that echos through out the battlefield, Darius walks to the front line with his heavy suit of black and red armor, clink and clank with every step with this massive great axe in his hand, upon reaching the front line he rises his axe to signal everyone to get ready, after a short time Darius shouts "Only the strongest will survive, FOR NOXUS!!!" then starts running towards to Demacian horde that awaits them. Red, blue, purple, green, white, black, all elements of magic cover the s%%% of the battlefield as all Archers, Mages and Elementalists of Noxus open fire upon their enemy's from afar...but something is wrong, all the magic was being sucked into the statue, it looks like its moving on its own almost like its coming to life from the magic its absorbing "Oh sweet Noxus" says Jenki as he looks in horror as the statue stands and spread its wings, letting out a yawn so loud and booming is shook the very battlefield, Galio the colossus has been awakened. As Darius is charging towards the enemy he witnesses the rise of Galio "HA" Darius laughs and grins "This is going to be fun" Darius picks up his pace towards the enemy's front line, "Release the Basilisks" Meldu shouts at the beast masters, Thousands of Basilisks come running past Darius towards the Demacian blockade, meanwhile all Mages and Elementalists stop their magic assault and begun channeling a protective spell "Thus onto us the divine light of magic, grant us protection from ones who do us harm, let my body be the veil, by my spirit and soul, grant us the blessings of banshees veil" after a short time bright magic began to well up within every Noxian on the battlefield till they formed a blue translucent layer around their bodies making them heavily resistant to magic attacks, "Jenki and Kesmay stay with the mages and protect them, they are unprotected while channeling the protection spell" says Meldu "On it" says Jenki "If its protection you want, you shall receive" said Kesmay. Meldu and Likshaw starts charging towards the enemy "heads up!" says Meldu to Likshaw as they look ahead they see Galio preparing to jump towards the mages "Do you think you can stop a flying mountain Likshaw?" Likshaw smiles and reveals his right hand has a glowing purple rune embedded within the back of his hand as well as two blue runes on his boots "With these babies, I feel I can smash the entire battlefield in half" Likshaw smiles as he stopped in his tracks and prepares to jump "Demacia is not the only one with an ace up their sleeve" Likshaws whole body begins to tense up as his muscle mass of his legs and right arm begin to increase "What do you think Meldu, about 200-300 feet?" Likshaw says in a joking manner "Na I would say about 20 feet" Meldu replied "Ahahah you're a funny bastard old man" Likshaw remarked, after a short amount of time has past Galio launched himself into the air with so much momentum the ground below quaked and a deafening "BOOM" sound spread for 100s of miles "that's about 8000 feet I reckon, If only my mam can see me now, about to punch a statue the size of a freakin mountain" as Galio starts to slow his ascent his body casts a shadow so big it almost covers the entire Noxian army, then suddenly a loud "BOOM" is heard as Galio pushes his body with his wings and gains massive amount of momentum towards all the magic users, "Off I go" Likshaw said as he pushes himself off the ground at a speed normal eye can not dream to see, directly towards Galios decent. Meanwhile the Basilisks have reached the front line of the Demacian army breaking through the first line of defense with ease, shortly after that Darius and the Trifarian Legion arrives, Darius swings his massive axe and slays every single solider within the immediate area. As Darius is about to finish a wounded solider on the ground a massive shock wave from above unbalances Darius as well as crushes all the soldiers around him, seems their bodys simply could not handle the pressure "Weak" Darius says in disgust, he looks towards the sky and watch in awe as he witnesses a colossal class above. (Seconds before the clash) Gailo and Likshaw are only seconds away from clashing, from a distance Likshaw looks like a tiny glint of Purple with a blue streak behind his trail while Galios colossal body can be seen clearly for hundreds of miles "It's punch o'clock!" said Galio then quickly realizes there is a very small purple glow rapidly approaching his him "Oh ahahaha I've got a high tolerance for magic, it takes a lot for me to feel it Ha!, people are funny!" Galio laughs, Likshaw smiles and closes his eyes almost like he had a moment of tranquility, then suddenly Likshaw opens his eyes and shouts "Take this you big rocky rotten pile of......" CLASH! Likshaw and Galio collide with such force it, Likshaws runes on his hand and feet exploded creating a powerful shock wave that destroys the environment within the immediate vicinity once the shockwave hits the battlefield most Noxian and Demacian soldiers are sweeped off their feet and are either knocked unconscious or crushed from the sheer pressure of the clash. Only a handful of warriors remain on the battlefield, as everyone regains their balance they notice the impact of Likshaws attack sent Galio flying with chunks of his body missing and damaged, it became obvious Galio would not be able to return to the battlefield anytime soon. Darius regains his balance and looks towards the enemy, almost the entire Demacian army have been wiped out and Darius looks behind and sees the Noxian army have suffered just as many losses, with a look of disgust he mutters to himself "Only the strong may stand, the weak deserve to die among worms and maggots" Darius looks back towards the enemy, he can only see 4 figures in the distance as he starts walking towards the enemy, one of the figures started running towards Darius with massive speed, as the figure gets closer and closer it became obvious who dared to challenge Darius. Shyvana has entered the battlefield, running towards Darius at blinding speed, fire starts to build up around her almost like the became a flame, suddenly she jumps and transforms into her dragon form. As Darius prepares his axe for a crippling strike someone rushes past Darius and jumps towards Shyvana "Ah ha! Maydu you tough son of a %%%%%" Darius mutters to himself with a massive smile on his face, Maydu and Shyvana clash, a fierce duel has commenced, during the duel between Shyvana and Meydu, Darius begins running towards the 3 Demacians in the distance "Jarven! Fight me you coward! You're idleness bleeds weakness" Darius shouts with an tone fulled with excitement and rage, as Darius draws closer it became clear who the 3 Demacians were, Lux, Garen and Jarven the IV stand together as they prepare to attack Darius three on one. As Darius comes within 100 meters of them, Lux begins to weave her light magic and begins to chant a spell "Lucent Singularity!" a massive orb of light began to grow and started to move rapidly towards Darius "Ha weak magic, it may slow the men of Demacia but will not stop me from tearing you three limb from limb" Darius scoffs at Lux's attempt to halt his movement. He sprints through the Singularity of light "Impossible" silently said lux, the distance between them quickly comes to a close Garen and Jarven look at each other and nod their heads "For Demacia!!!!" both Garen and Jarven charge towards Darius "Thats the spirit! Fight me with all you're might" Darius demanded. Jarvan prepares to jab Darius with his spear and Garen Jumps up and prepares a decisive over head blow as both Garen and Jarvan deliver their attacks Darius Successfully dodges Jarvans spear and parrys Garens mighty blow from above, "Ha you got to do better than that" Darius laughed as he headbutts Garen and shoves Jarven away Darius swings his axe towards the unbalanced Jarvan then suddenly his axe stops and hits a what looks like a bubble of light, it seems Jarven was protected from a mortal wound but the impact did knock him a few meters away "You wont hurt any of us while I live and breath" Lux states as she is casting Prismatic Barrier of light around Jarven and Garen "Then I guess I will have to slaughter you first Demacian filth" Darius starts running towards Lux then suddenly Garen comes from the side of Darius and swings his great sword, Darius manages to block the heavy blow just in a nick of time, the blow was so heavy once Garens great sword collided with Darius's axe, Darius was knocked to the side a few feet "Oh you have a hell of a swing Garen, shame you associate yourself with weakness, you would make one hell of a Noxian" Darius said "Go to hell you sadistic bast@~d," Garen lets out an angry cry as he readies another swing "NOW!" said Jarven, Lux casts a Light Binding on Darius successfully rendering him unable to move his feet, Jarven jumps 35 feet into the air and prepares to strike Darius with cataclysmic force while Garen holds his sword as high as he could while the tip of his sword points towards the ground "Oh Sh#t" Darius begins to attempt to break himself free from the bindings but ultimately fails, "TASTE THE TRUE MIGHT OF DEMACIA!!!" Garen starts to plunge his sword into the ground while Jarven began his rapid decent towards Darius and lux began charging her Final Spark. Darius looks up and sees a colossal sword made entirely out of light rapidly descending upon him "oh this is going to hurt" suddenly at the last second Darius is pushed out of the way from certain death by Jenki "For the Noxian Empire! right general?" was Jenki's last words before taking the full force of Lux's, Garen's and Jarvens most devastating attacks, the impact and force shatters the very ground beneath them turning the battlefield into a giant crater, after the dust settles there was no trace of Jenki left, "So young. What a waste" said Darius. After those words were said Garen, Jarven and Lux became very angry "You are a monster! don't you have any respect for your comrades!" Garen exploded with rage, Darius remained calm and with no emotion he says "Na he fulfilled his purpose, he was a fine promising warrior but ultimately was too weak to withstand all your pitiful attacks, I have no room for weakness" Garens eyes was filled with rage "YOU BAST@#D" Garen charges towards Darius in a blind rage, suddenly a small gurgling scream comes from behind Garen, Jarven screams "NOOOOOOO!" Garen stops and looks in absolute horror as Lux appears to have an axe pierced straight through her chest instantly killing her "Looks like you have been having all the fun to yourself brother tut tut, we cant be having that now, sharing is caring ahahah" Draven stands over the crater spinning one axe in his hand while leaning over on his knee "L...L....LUX!" Garen cried. Garen drops his sword and runs towards his sister and holds her in his arms "LUX!!! NOO! *Sobbing* LUUUUUX!" Garen cradles Lux in his arms crying rocking back and forth "Aww little diddle brother lost his sister boo hoo, If only she was a Noxian, I would give her a little piece of Draven if you know what I mean" Draven's words were like rubbing salt in a infected wound, then out of the crater Jarven attempts to strike Draven but Draven dodges with little effort "Too slow Ahahah" Jarven chases Draven across the battlefield which leaves Garen sobbing over his recently murdered sister while Darius walking slowly towards them. Darius taunts Garen "Well well well, Garen what have you done, your poor poor sister got killed because of your lack of awareness" Darius starts to drag his axe behind him, Garen continues sobbing, mumbling "S...Sorry sister...I am so sorry *sob* I don't care if you wield magic anymore, please come back *sob* I love you Lux, COME BACK!!!" Garen's crying begins to increase in volume "Oh stop crying you big baby, you're sister was weak, it was her destiny to die here and now its is your turn" Darius says with a grin on his face, "no, no, no no no no NO NO NO NO!" Garen clutches the lifeless corpse tighter, Darius stops in front of the defenseless Garen "You are weak just like your pathetic sister" Darius raises his axe above his head ready to swing down then suddenly blue and white lights begin to surround Garen, as Garen looks towards his lifeless sisters face he whispers "No more!" Darius laughs as he is about to deliver the final blow Garen Raises his head towards the sky and shouts "NO MORE!" suddenly a blue and white beam of light comes from the sky onto Garen, "WHAT" screamed Darius as he is pushed to the floor by the sheer force of the beam, as the beam quickly dissipates Darius is shocked to see Garen emerge from the light wearing armor bright blue and white almost like it was armor created by the gods themselves, but what really got Darius's attention was Garen dramatic change in appearance, Garens eyes were as blue as true ice and bled what looks like blue flames, Garen stands and places Lux's body gently onto the ground, Darius quickly snaps back into battle, standing up with his axe in hand and started walking towards Garen "Sweet armor. shame its wasted on a weakling on you" Garen is staring at his sisters corpse not playing any attention to Darius "Hey eyes up here mommas boy" Darius prepares to swing his axe towards Garens head and then *CLASH* Darius connects his great axe with Garens head but something is wrong, Darius swung with all his might but his axe stopped in its tracks after hitting Garens bare skin "What the F@~k" Darius can't believe what he is seeing, Garen grabs Darius's axe by the blade with his bare hand and moves it away from his face effortlessly while Darius desperately tries to pull back his axe with all his might, "What are you!" Darius asks in shock, Garen simply looks into Darius's eyes and says "I...Am...Vengeance" then Garen crushes Darius's axe to pieces then punches Darius directly in the chest sending him flying at break neck speeds through out the battlefield till Kesmay catches him and breaks his fall, upon stopping Darius starts coughing up loads of blood, with every breath becomes harder than the previous one, he can feel all his ribs are broken and his lungs are punctured, its a miracle he is still alive, Kesmay examines Darius's condition and even she can't believe his heart is still beating, all of darius's armor has shattered and Darius has a massive bloody crater within his chest "Holy %%%% Darius how did this happen!" Darius struggling to even breath using whats little strength he had to point at a blue and white figure standing over them "Vengeance will be served" Darius unable to move and having trouble staying conscious is defenseless. Kesmay quickly picks up her two great shields and prepares to protect Darius with her life "You shall not look down on the Noxian people you vermin!" Kesmay attempts to bash and push Garen away but it has no effect, Garen then reaches out and grips Kesmay by the throat essentially choking her, little by little Garen tightens his grip with each passing second, Darius is left helpless lying on the ground as he watches one of his most trusted and loyal warriors getting her life choked out of her, as Garen is tightening his grip even more coming to the point where his fingers have begun penetrating Kesmays skin and flesh, Darius slowly stands up with blood pouring from his eyes, ears, nose and mouth Darius takes in one final breath and clenches his fist and swings a right hook into Garens face with all of his last remaining strength, but... it was too late, Kesmay life leaves her body and Garen squeezes till his hand is fully clenched, Darius looks on in horror as for the first time, he feels powerless, weak, he starts to panic, then...SMACK Garen slaps Darius with a back hand then back again with crushing force, Darius tries to block the second blow but due to his injury's he is as weak as a new born puppy, Garen continues his relentless combinations of slaps till finally he stops, Darius with his face half broken, jaw hanging off and eyes completing white he slowly starts to collapse onto the floor, within his mind he enters a dream state where he was remembering his some of his childhood. (Within Darius's dream) It seems Darius is within the heart of port city of Basilich where him and Draven became orphans, everyday was a struggle to survive as gangs of older urchins and even the city guard constantly picked on and beat the duo to near death, Darius unaware that he is in a dream state watches his brother get beaten by the town guards, as Darius watches in complete shock he attempts to move but something is stopping him from taking action, almost feels like he was encased inside of a cocoon, he was forced to watch as his brother who at the time looked around 5 years old get kicked, punched, grabbed and thrown around as if he weighed nothing all the while Draven was begging for them to stop and calling Darius's name over and over, Darius could not do anything, he tried everything to gain the attention of the guards beating down his little brother but nothing was heard, it was like he was rendered mute. One of the guards pulls out a dagger and prepares to plunge it into Dravens chest, Draven stares at his impending doom and starts to panic and shouts Darius's name louder and louder, Darius, desperate and powerless to stop the guard from using his dagger watches as the guard rises his weapon and starts to plunge his dagger into Dravens chest, Darius eyes widen as he watches the dagger fall towards Draven like is in slow motion then just before the dagger pierces Dravens chest, something within Darius snaps. (Back to reality) WORK IN PROGRESS (STILL WRITING ONLY HAD TIME FOR THIS MUCH, REST WILL BE DONE TOMORROW) UPDATE: Almost done now the climax is about to begin! once I am done I will proof read and correct any spelling and grammar mistakes I see but cannot guarantee I will be able to spot every error UPDATE 06/07/2018 Still writing I seems there is so much more I want to write I should finish this by the 7th Spent about 8 hours on this currently and I have not even proofread it yet, NOTE: If you spot any spelling or grammar errors feel free to point them out so I can correct them
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