Dark Love stories from Down Below - You can't perfect love, only embrace the love you have.

"Why was I dragged here again!?" I whine for like the 7th time since that pesky fae sorceress thought it would be a good idea to take public transportation with these filthy commoners around Piltover. "Come on, Veigar. You can't tell me that a bit of a high flight view of part of the world doesn't excite you? Seeing everything from up here... People look like ants even!" She says with glee, as if trying to convince me to enjoy it. "Of course they look like ants, it's called minions! They live just to bow to me... One day..." I cross my arms, annoyed. She wasn't content with these remarks, in her mind, I was ruining the fun out of things. "You know, Veigar... One day you'll have to learn to appreciate what you have, I mean, what if you didn't have me to force you to these places? You'd be a sad and mad yordle who's not even thinking straight with their own plans." "Implying you have any influence on me, woman! I CHOSE to let you be with me, otherwise you'd be back on your own, doing whatever knows what with that annoying fairy of yours." Pix was a bit annoyed, but tried to put up with him for now. She however was losing a bit of patience. "Veigar... One day you're going to do something you'll regret and you won't have me to help you. This because you keep shoving me off!" "I'm the master of evil! There's nothing I can't do with dark magic! No obstacles I can't overcome! No minion I can't smite! The world can give me the worse situation and I will never... WHOA!" Both got caught off guard as the tram shook heavily. Everyone in it was panicking as it traveled over part of the outside ocean, outside of the Piltover's walls. "V-veigar!? What's going on!?" "How should I know!? Who's operating this crap!?" A few more shakes and it hard fell into the water! The water slowly rising all it's way as Veigar got knocked out, seeing the water slowly rise inside. ... ... ... "What sorcery was that...? That hurt my head..." Veigar slowly woke up to realize he was just talking underwater, which made no sense, and that he could breathe despite that. "Odd sorcery indeed... Could use to learn this magic... Now where am I? And where is that pesky girl?" The master of Evil did not take long to spot Lulu, seeing her float lifelessly in water. He rolled his eyes and swam to her. "Ok, joke's over. Whatever magic you pulled off, cut it out! Are you listening to me?" He turned her around to end up face to face with her supposed dead form, eyes closed. He kept his hand on her shoulder, a bit confused. "Lulu? Are... You really dead?" He suddenly felt the magic from the test, by grabbing Lulu, her colors started to return and slowly bring her back to life. Lulu smiled, but didn't open her eyes. "I'm glad you came for me..." "Oh don't flatter yourself... You're literally the only signs of life here besides me! Come on, just wake back up so we can get out of here..." He tried to pull her, but she didn't budge. "What's the big idea, didn't you hear..." He froze as she slowly opened her eyes, revealing to be dark red, a wicked grin on her face as she held him closer. "What makes you think I'll go back to being what you hate?" "Wha-what?" "You forgot already? The world lives to bow to you... That includes me! So doesn't matter what happens here... I won't be the same Lulu you despise... That disgusts you..." The longer they held each other, the more corrupt Lulu looked. Soon her hair turned darker, her eyes more psychotic, her skin more fitting for a slave of evil..." "STOP! I never asked for you to turned into a minion! Change back this instance!!!" He demanded, anger in his voice. She did nothing more than give a mocking laugh. "It's not what you want, it's what evil commands! You master the evil, but the manifestation is at its will to do what it needs to be done. And right now, your weakness to keep me alive is what makes you pathetic!" He got pissed off and jumped at her to try and choke her to death, this caused nothing more than a weak laugh from the corrupted yordle. "You going to kill me? The girl you have a soft spot on? You really are going with that plan?" "YOU... COMMAND... NOTHING...!!!" She slowly lost her breath, her creepy smile still on her face. Eventually... She stopped breathing... And the corruption ended. It was easy, but... Why did he felt awful? Were he not in water, he'd almost puke... And then her words hit him... "Veigar... One day you're going to do something you'll regret and you won't have me to help you." The realization hit him... She was right... He killed her in cold blood, out of his anger, out of his frustration... He didn't even think twice as the once lifeless body acted like so again... Even in water, he couldn't help but shed a tear... "Why did I try to change you? Why did I think you could even be a bit evil to follow my footsteps...? You were too pure for me... Too pure for any of the madness I went through... You were perfect... And now... I got nothing... I regret everything I've done to you..." He starts sobbing over Lulu's body, holding her close. Surprisingly, it was the tears that shone the world to a total light, blinding Veigar completely. ... ... ... "Veigar...? Wakie wakie...!" The dark yordle heard as he woke up groggily, looking at Lulu who stared at him, making sure his hat stayed in place. "What happened?" "The ride shook due to a small earthquake on the poles and you hit your head..." "Didn't... We fall into water below us...?" "No? The cables thankfully never snapped... Are you ok? I asked us to be left alone since I know you hate company... I... Probably should leave too." Lulu was turning, about to do so, until she was stopped by him holding her hand. "Wait... Lulu... I..." He started off, making her stop and stare at him in surprise. "I... You were right... I... Don't know how to say this, but I should just... Enjoy what I have... Instead of acting like I can do everything... I mean... I just got knocked out in this death trap! What if I wasn't able to protect you? I mean..." He starts trailing off, but is stopped by a giggle from Lulu. "You don't have to say it... I know it's important for you to feel powerful... Just remember... I'll be with you to hide your weaknesses. So if anyone asks me, I'll say you were so bored of such pity danger that you fell asleep." He couldn't help but smile. "You are the best minion that a master of evil such as myself could ever need..." Pix just started floating near his face, as if trying to make sure he didn't think of anything he shouldn't. "Oh bite me, fairy!" Lulu just giggled again as Pix and Veigar started arguing again. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Love isn't only made for the good people, even a villain wishes to feel such things in their life, it might change them, mold them, even empower them if it gives them a purpose to continue their mischiefs, thus putting them in their own way of motion. And one must learn to not continue down a road if it means losing all you have. My god says to stay in motion, but not blindly risk everything to do so. Many will learn that lesson in these stories too. And now for the final story, a rather unorthodox one, but just as effective.

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