Never One Contest Entry: The Ghost of a Ghost

Seize. Taunt. Impale. Twist. Adrift goes ‘nother nameless corpse, Yet ‘nother name is scraped off the list, Whilst he still hungers, blind to remorse. * Half rotting man, half itching urge, He breathes and is the monstrous, A foe of betrayal, a walking purge, A soul with a shred of conscience. * The tales speak of a pest, a ripper: Embodied vengeance rather than a killer, He cherishes fear and tastes your shiver, Will only rest when there is no sinner. * Flesh. Slash. Rip. Tear. He smells guilt yet remains unaware, For the tales say nothing of the voice, Haunting Pyke and robbing him of choice. * Pyke is but a man, fueled by dire hate, The perfect vessel to bend the harbor’s fate. He sought a promise: to right another’s wrong, Yet on the list, there’s few who truthfully belong. * It’s the voice who seeks, who picks, who guides, Who fashioned a list of never-ending lies. It’s the voice who hunts, who stabs, who slaughters, Who dragged a despairing man back out of the waters. * Yet to Pyke his intent remains a riddle. The voice sees beyond the children, past the kind, The whispers lure, poison his mind, An unseen thief who stole a soul to fiddle. * Regret. Feel. Remember. Resist. Although quiet, the voice says otherwise. Retaliation turns to sin, blood-thirst shall arise, _“Pyke mustn’t question, no need to persist.”_ * The fog gathers, it intrigues, it blinds With a distant memory that briefly unbinds. Born anew, Pyke mourns what he began. No longer the Bloodharbor ripper, but a deceived man. * But the voice knows all, It silences, it forbids, Banishes every hint of recall, For there are names left to enlist. * The names know no end. The everlasting requiem, the song Of the sinful, foe or friend To which even you belong. * Hunt. Punish. Reap. The cycle begins anew. * {{champion:555}} {{champion:555}} {{champion:555}} Thank you for reading! <3 Thank God Pyke has schizophrenia

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