Odyssey Contest Entry: The wolf, the lamb and the girl.

Luna was a small girl - part of The Demaxian Empire she fought day in and day out. People underestimated Luna because of her size but little did they know she was an extraordinary weapon wielder, one of the best in the army. Luna fought alongside her friend, her comrade, Itona. He was lanky, thin and caring - but he also had a tendency to panic at times. However, Luna was always there by his side to calm him down when times got tough; to relive him of his worries and anxieties. Luna and Itona where assigned to a small squadron of around 15 soldiers. Their mission was to travel a newly discovered planet. It currently didn’t have a name but the empire had been keeping an eye on it for a while, as it could possibly have stashes of ora. “_Luna.._” Itona murmured, his hands shaking. “_Yeah?_” responded Luna - she had picked up on his nervous demeanour. Itona didn’t respond, his mouth opened but no words came out, Luna could tell something was up. “_What's up?_” “_..I’m afraid, whenever we visit new places, there's always trouble._” “_You have nothing to worry about - I'm here for you, stick with me and you’ll be okay._” “_T-thank you.._” he spluttered. Trying to recompose himself. Itona and Luna had a rough upbringing - Luna an orphan, and Itona had to take care of his mother, she was gravely ill, and his father was fighting in the empire, but one day when he was assigned on a mission to retrieve a valuable artefact, he never came back. And eventually, his mother passed too. Itona’s family had welcomed Luna, they knew she was alone and had nowhere else to go. As they were growing up, they had both been forced to train; but Itona didn’t enjoy the thought of any form of violence. He was a gentle soul, who cared deeply for others. Luna knew this and always tried to support him. She, on the other hand, did not care about the details of her work - if killing someone was expected of her, she would not back down. Luna and Itona where finally approaching their destination, they and the 15 other soldiers were being taken in a relatively small spacecraft. Their mission was simple. Check the area for danger - take all the ora they could find and return home safely. Seemed simple enough right? Out of the windows, they could see millions of stars, all shining brightly; it was beautiful. As they were approaching the atmosphere of the planet they could feel the spacecraft become unstable. Their bodies flung around in their seats. Then as they finally landed they felt a little bit nauseous. Their commander - Aaron, got out of his seat. “_You all know why we are here, I want your sorry butts back here with all the ora you can find. Do I make myself clear?_” “_Yes, commander!_” they responded. Luna picked up her backpack, Itona followed. Commander Aaron pulled the leaver, opening the door of the spacecraft. It was extremely cold and the little patches of violet grass and the trees danced in the wind. There were streams of water scattered around the place. The water looked pale and ghostly. It was cold, very cold; but even so, they needed to search the place - find all the ora they could. They went out in groups of two, Luna with Itona. Luna always pleaded to be put in a group with Itona, so she could watch over him, make sure he was alright. They came across an opening in the trees, there lied a sort of cave. “_This place doesn’t seem safe Luna._’ said Itona. “_Yeah, seems awfully sketchy, but this is the only exciting thing we have seen, the rest of this planet just seems to be trees, and streams of water._” “_I suppose.._” sighed Itona Luna hesitantly approached the cave, Itona followed behind her. When they entered, it was dark, cold and damp, as you would expect a cave to be. They tread down the cave, carefully, making sure to keep their guard up. It was a new planet after all; they didn't know what dangerous or mysterious thing could be lurking around. Suddenly they came across a bright light in the cave, it was golden and shiny, like ora. Luna slowly approached the golden light, as she got closer the walls of the cave seemed to go out more, leading them into a massive open area. There was ora everywhere, little streams of it running through the cracked walls and floor. “_We’ve hit the jackpot!_” exclaimed Itona “_You’re right! This ora would do so much for the empire! But it's going to be a chore to get back._” They took off their backpacks and got out their equipment. Itona rushed over to the ora, his face filled with excitement. He opened a small flask and put it into the stream of ora. The liquid slowly flowed into the flask, filling it up. Luna was about to do the same but; behind her, she heard what appeared to be footsteps. It got louder and louder. Luna realised that there were other people down here to - probably after ora, but the question was, is it one of their men. She picked up her bag and ran over to Itona; grabbing him and pushing him to the side of the wall. Their clothing allowed them to somewhat camouflage into the walls of the cave. They waited, and waited. Until they saw a group of Templar's walkthrough. They remained still and silent for a while - but one of the Templars pointed something out; it was Itona’s bag. In the rush to get him, Luna had completely forgotten about his stuff. Itona started to panic, he started shaking and his hands became sweaty. He had forgotten about his equipment. They were done for. He whimpered, this was all his fault. The Templars must have heard him as they began to look around and search the place. One of them was quite tall, she had long flowing golden hair, indigo eyes and was clad in a long white robe. She seemed like the toughest of the bunch. Itona’s state was growing worse by the second, Luna couldn't necessarily help him as that would result in them being caught - she needed to think fast. Luna quickly grabbed Itona’s hand and made a mad dash to the exit of the cave. But in all the rush Itona dropped his flask, it shattered on the floor making an ear-deafening sound. The Templars turned around to see a boy and a girl standing there, Itona, was in a state of panic, he curled up into a ball and started screaming, Luna tried to grab and pull him but it was proving to be extremely hard. “_Itona! Get up now, we’ve been spotted we need to leave now!_’ She exclaimed. But he would not budge. “_I-i cant! This is all my fault - my fault!_” He bellowed. The Templar in the white robe began to charge up a sort of beam. It shone brightly in the cave and was pointed directly for Itona. Luna tried to pick him up but it was too late, as the powerful beam shot directly at him. “_Itona!_” She cried. He collapsed on the floor. Luna frantically picked up his unconscious body and dashed for the exit. She ran as fast as her legs could carry her, through the trees and plants. Tears began to fill her eyes, as she looked at her friend’s body. It was still and quiet. Luna was too busy looking at her unconscious friend to realise the small slope up ahead. She stumbled down the slope, screaming and holding Itona’s body closer. She fell to the floor with a thud. Luna could feel a sharp pain in her stomach - it hurt and started to spread throughout her whole body. She used all the strength she could to muster herself off the ground. Looking at her hand she could see that it was covered in blood. She dragged herself over to Itona, he was still and his face turned pale, but she could still feel his heart beating slowly thud, thud, thud - it went. He was alive. Happiness overwhelmed her. She picked up his body and lifted it onto her lap. Moving her hand slowly through his hair. It was soft and smooth. But then she heard something, light footsteps. She pulled Itona closer again, was it the Templars once more? Or something else… Then out of the forest stepped a small slender creature, it had soft fur, a tail and ears that looked like it had beautiful shining stars twinkling in them. Its shining eyes had a beautiful mix of indigo and violet in them, it also wore a mask that looked like liquid that morphed round its face - the masks hue was a dark navy. Behind the creature was a spirit like animal, it too had a mask much bigger than the other creature - Its eye’s also shone brightly and had a mist like substance follow it as it hovered in the air. The creature in front had a bow, it was a violet colour, same as the arrows, the creature had pulled out the arrow from its body and pointed its bow towards Itona and Luna. The creature was captivating, she couldn’t take her eyes off it as slowly approached her... **“Sshhh… rest now.”** It said, its voice was calming and soft. “_...W-who are you.._?” Asked Luna. The creature didn’t respond, it turned its attention to Itona, and pulled back its bow. _“What are you doi-”_ It let go of the arrow, as it pierced through Itona’s heart his body turned white and cold as a strange mist went out of his closed eyes and mouth. Luna eye’s opened wide. She wanted to speak but no words came out, she trembled in fear. She quickly lifted her body from the ground and ran as fast as her legs could carry her, Itona was gone, she kept telling herself there was nothing she could have done to save him, but her heart was heavy and it hurt. She eventually stumbled onto the floor, she had lost too much blood. She could hear the creature humming softly, getting closer and closer by the second. Her heart was racing faster and faster. She looked up to the sky, the stars were jagged and harsh, no longer beautiful like before. Looking at her side again, she didn’t see the slender creature this time but the spirit like creature that had followed it. Its mouth was wide and it had a massive grin on its face. That image was the last she saw. Luna and Itona were no more.
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