Silent killer

Yasuo second time looked at his left and started to run quickly. He didn't want anyone to notice him. Only a few moments ago he managed to escape the siege. He needed to meet Ahri in order to give her a secret note. But jhin met him and tried to shoot him. "Wait" said Yasuo. "Let me explain everything." "You've explained me enough!" answered Jhin. "Well... wait. Can you help me?" "Why should I do that?" "It's because somebody want to kill me. I know, you too, but you are that person who can do that thing." "What thing?" asked confused Jhin. "Give to Ahri this..." he showed twisted note. "Okay, but you remain indebted to me!" answered Jhin, took a leaf and leaked. Yasuo found an old friend and came in his house. It was quite. Nobody was in that house. He looked around and tried to come out, but was attacked by Zed. Yasuo took out his sword and have been ready to fight against him. But Zed attacked not him. He started to fight with human behind Yasuo. He jumped and cut human's neck. Yasuo screamed and Zed looked at him frightened. Zed laughed and shrugged. "What, haven't you ever seen me?" asked he. "Ummm... I have but... why you killed him so quickly?" "He wanted that secret note. By the way, Jhin said that you gave him it, didn't you?" "Yeah, I did. Well, who is that person?" "This is just his messenger. Juman named Silent Killer. Nobody knows his real name." "Silent killer?" Yasuo was confused a little bit, "Yes. He kills people very quickly and quietly. That's why he is Silent Killer. Not Loud Killer, haha!" "Thanks for helping..." "You're welcome!" Next chapter next day;) Hope you guys liked it! Can you give me some ideas it's because I am just starter at writing:D {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
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