[Volu] Christmas Header Contest

Hi there !

With Christmas around the corner we thought it's time to lighten the mood with another header contest! Since we had so many awesome and amazing entries last time around, we've decided to try again, but this time we'll actually be able to use the headers for things to come *hint hint*. Don't worry, you don't have to have as amazing skills as we do, everyone has a chance to win something!


Leave a note with the image you're submitting as an entry and mention something about your participation, that's pretty much it, good luck! Now some more boring details and requirements:
  • Create a header using these dimensions: 1920x530
  • The theme is Christmas, your entry must reference Christmas in some way, shape or form.
  • You must add your signature in the bottom right hand corner, this should be your Summoner Name, date and 'Christmas 2018'
  • No plagiarism, we're not interested in what others have made.
  • Only derivative work allowed, are of pictures and source material made by Riot Games for League of Legends:tm:, you must however link the source material in your post.
  • Sexually inappropriate stuff is a big no no, not only can't we allow it in the contest, but you may also be in violation of the general guidelines on boards, so please don't try.


The contest has been split into two parts, a regular contest, and a random draw.

To determine the top 3 your entries will be evaluated equally on the skill, humor (or fun!), the thematic of Christmas and the Christmas spirit. With so many criteria entries will be evaluated on, you'll still have a great chance at winning even if yuo (feel like you) don't have the skills needed to win!
Besides every entry that's not in violation of the rules will be able to join the random draw! A chance at a price for everyone!

There will be 3 winners in the regular contest, rewards are as follows:

  • First Place will be granted 3500RP.
  • Second Place will be granted 2500RP.
  • Third Place will be granted 1500RP.
On top of that there will be 20 winners randomly drawn from all participants, winners of the raffle will recieve a random emote!

What happens if we use your header?

Well that means you're getting all the recognition you deserve!
Now don't worry, if you didn't win - there's still a chance for your header to be used! For the sake of transparency and to keep thing fair, if we're using your header while you didn't win, we'll still be giving you something in return!
So for those of you who make something incredible that we end up using, we're going to ensure you recieve some kind of reward besides the fame!


The contest will run for roughly 2 weeks, and will end on December 14th, after that we won't accept further submissions.
It will take a week to evaluate the entries and find winners, there will be an announcement around December the 21st.

Time to raise your dongers! Good luck!

Disclaimer: Expect up to 2 weeks delay on rewards being delivered.
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