Taram aram :)

Hello, a little foreword before I start a main thought. Did somebody think why ARAM call ARAM? Most of all say that it's call All Random All Mid because total random champion selection and all play on mid lane. it's random just in pick selection. So I don't know if it’s ever had been written before me, I apologize if I double someone post, just let me know :). So here the main thought. My suggestion make _ARAM_ a _TARAM _(pretty funny) Total All Random All Mid. So like in ARAM we will get random champions BUT also we will get three random option to current game (ONLY for this match) it will be like roulette. So before match begin we get three optional modification for this round. Why three? For World (map), for Champions, and ???(ye another random thing that nobody know what it does). > **World** > It this case we get modification which change our environment, it can be simple thing which change decoration for example (Not freljord but piltover etc) also can make something like doom bots like burn bush, or random skill shots will appear. **_After rain mushroom will grow faster_** ~~(Guys I hate teemo but I think it will be funny)~~ randomly make mushrooms appear on the map ~~and destroy all what you love when you stand on it~~ **_Death from the air_** Randomly make asteroid fall on map and make you suffer. **_Fire in the bush_** (many of us see this on Doom Bots of Doom) Make bush burn and will hit you when you go in. by magic damage ofc. _**Day and night**_ Make day and night change this world {{champion:89}} vs {{champion:131}} huh? _**Something will happen now**_ (and again doom bot) Make random skill random appear on the map _**Decoration will change everything!**_ Change freljord on piltover or even can ever paly on map what was created for ALLSTAR 1v1 _**No need of defence**_ There are no towers, enjoy :D _**What will be if I touch this?**_ First hit destroy nexus **_Judgement of the tower_** Now tower will hit you so hard that you will die from first hit. **_Is that fair?_** No it’s not! > **Champions** > For champions I suggest a random modifications like passive mundo (yes like doom bots), hight CDR (yes like URF), increase range of skill shots or increase size of ulti smth like that. ~~To be honest I sometimes dream to be total random of skill for champion but I understand it will be very huge work with models and I know that it never can be so let’s just ignore this things~~. Cooldown lower _**Size mean everything**_ Increase size of champions, their hitboxes etc. _**Actually only size of ult**_ increase size of ulty _**Random passive**_ (yes like doombots) Randomly apply skills from other skills to current shampions as passive. For example mundo passive{{champion:36}} _**Random active items**_ after using active items do smth incredible crazy things, Use skil again or activate passive, or activate champion skill. ~~Shuffle them all!~~ ~~Shuffle in random way ALL champions skills. For example sona can get ammumus Q.~~ > **???** > This is total thing that I don’t understand this thing will give a total random things like gold amount +100 or 10 000, like lvl amount 1 or 18, like huge death time or super revive, or increase CDR for summoners spell, or additional effects for smth, sooo let’s talk about each more detail: **_Increase gold capacity_** For this modify all champions will get an from 100 gold to 10 000 when the round begin. (AGAIN TOTAL RANDOM {{champion:17}} ) **_Increase gold amount_** This modification will increase gold income. You all know that you passive earn money in ARAM so this will increase or decrease the money income. **_You will pay for death_** Tittle explain everything you will pay for each death by your gold. For example you die you will pay from 50 to 1000 gold per death, maybe should increase this modify per minutes or 5 minutes. **_Increase death timer_** Well this thing really not very interesting in this case BUT increase death timer will make people care more about their champions lives. **_Super revive_** This is totally opposite thing. When you death this timer will decrease time of death or remove time of death at all. **_Level me up!_** When the match begin give you +1 up to 15 levels **_Can I heal? Nope :D_** Randomly can make fountain work again after your return **_Huh?_** Shuffles the teams. (even with pre). Before match is about to begin shuffles enemy and allies team in random order ** _WTF is that?_** I actually thing that it was a herd of giant poro, but actually dunno, was hide in bush{{champion:86}} **_R u srly?_** Increase dmg and mana cost of spells :D (actually already hate this modification). P.S. It’s just a little part of the huge amount of random modify I have :) for TARAM. P.S.S it’s just a concept, I can describe in more detail all things. P.S.S.S Sorry for my bad englsih)))
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