Champ select dodgers need to be punished harder.

At this point, it's just a joke. I have literally spent at least 1 hour now trying to get into a game, with people dodging the champ select at the very last seconds. Waiting so long and wasting so much time over and over, get's really aggravating at a certain point. This is not the first time it's happened either, last time I sat through at least an hour of only champ selects one after another, was yesterday! It doesn't matter to me if it's in Normals or in Ranked that this happens, the punishment for dodging a queue should be a lot harsher. Because at this moment in time, there really isn't hard enough punishment for queue dodging. What? a 5 min timer? I know people that insist on queue dodging if they don't get the champ they want. Simply due to the fact that it's "Faster" than playing a whole game with a champ/lane, you don't want to play. Also, while I'm on the topic of Champ Selects and Draft in general, I feel like the number of times that I sit through at least 3 lobbies of someone dodging over and over, and then to end up getting autofilled, is just a painfully absurd amount. There should at least be some kind of protection for those who've already have gotten their lanes after getting into a lobby. so that they don't get autofilled after having to wait for the queue to pop up multiple times. I would just like to hear other views on this topic, as I'm sure I'm not the only one who gets annoyed by the time wasted. (also wasn't sure which board to post this on, so just went with the "Games" one.
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