Winner of the Selfmade cosplay contest!

[]( <----- The contest! Here comes the Winner!!! {{champion:62}} _**Dardasim**_ {{champion:62}} And his cosplay of _Tiger Stance Udyr_ {{champion:77}} Congratulations Dardasim! From all the cosplays, your's was the best looking with the most put effort into it, and you surely did deserve the win! But let's not forget about other participants. Catlife's Bard! The close second! Hansimans ... Nocturne! Katzen Brauchen's Twisted Feed! Marissas ~~edgy samurai guy~~ Yasuo! Numba being the reincarnation of Illaoi! And i gues this is a funny maymay of Pabo cos it got some upvotes! Teemo cosplay! **** #Special section Staring Strigina's Poro's and... spider OwO Even tho it did not apply to the contest, i still thought it was worth showing! **** Thats it folks! get ready for my next contest which will be at some point in the future! Also please don't hit me for the clickbait thumbnail, i just wanted to troll Hanisman a little :) The Skin will go to Dardasim tomorrow, cos rn it's dark and im afraid to go out and buy a Paysafe Card to buy the RP
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