[Volunteer Christmas] Skin Raffle ! [CLOSED]

Happy Snowdown !

This is just one out of multiple Christmas events we have created for you.
Check out the announcement thread to find everything you need to know !

Santa Braum is visiting the Boards...

And he has brought a gift for one lucky winner, which could be you.
Participate in our Christmas raffle for the chance to earn a winter themed skin of your choice. Entering is really easy, you can find all rules below :)

To enter the contest, simply leave a comment with a selfmade piece of content related to winter, Christmas or League. This could be a short poem, a video of you singing a Christmas song, or simply an interesting story of a tradition you practise during the holidays.

Don't worry if you're not the best artist or most creative person out there.
Your submission will not be judged. The winner will be chosen randomly!


  • Deadline is December 24th
    (Handing out the prize might a few days after that deadline)
  • Only skins that are available in the shop can be chosen.
  • Content has to be selfmade. Using other's content will result in disqualification
  • More submissions will not increase your chances of winning,
    feel free to share as many as you want though.
  • Naughty Summoner's unfortunately won't get a gift: Players who received...
    • A behavior related Chat Restriction or suspension in December.
    • A suspension on the Boards in December
    ...Will not be eligible for this event.
We're keen on seeing your submission here, and wish you good luck !
But most importantly, we hope you have an awesome Christmas/Snowdown 2016.
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