[Volu] Worlds Header Contest - Winner announcement!

Welcome back!

We bet you've all been waiting excitedly on the winner announcement - so here it is!

Firstly we want to say we were surprised by the amazing skill and/or humor in some of your entries. From champions drawn by you in paint (damn you must have patience to do all that), up to headers that look incredibly professional! You've used logos, comics and champion art and/or models in a way we didn't expect to happen. From a hilarious cow fiesta to the almost scary "legends never die", we've gone through them all and decided on the winners. We feel that the following three entries, best showed of their skills and humor while following the theme:

First prize goes to: Saichi with their Worlds 2018 Korea-China-EU-NA banner, showing of some very funny (in hindsight) scenes of all the different regions. Enjoy your 2.000 RP!

Second prize goes to: MadEclair with their Championship 2018 Cow Fiesta header, that has been way too true to some of the games! Have fun with your 1.500 RP.

Third prize goes to: Ozzie Storm with their Static for Fnatic, although it (sadly) hasn't helped them at all - you're well deserving of your 1.000 RP prize!

And of course we haven't forgotten about the raffle. The following players can all call themselves lucky enough to win a random emote:

  • VIT Laati (EUNE)
  • BaywolfX (EUNE)
  • Camille vla (EUW)
  • Wortelsapjuh (EUW)
  • Whiro (EUNE)
  • neropa (EUNE)
  • MadEclair (EUNE)
  • Nagaronte (EUW)
  • Saichi (EUW)
  • Bio of Lantea (EUW)

Hopefully everyone had fun participating!
If so, we want to know if you want to see or do contests like this again! We have dozens of subboards (with generic headers ;p) and since we had so many amazing entries this time around - we're wondering if you would be interested in a chance to get your future work displayed on as one of the subboard headers. Let us know if you're interested in this idea!

Disclaimer: You can expect up to 2-weeks delay for prizes to arrive.

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