The painful truth behind Elo Hell...

Hi, this is my 1st ranked season and I started playing ranked once I got my level 30 and I didn't know almost anything about the game other than pressing buttons. I got placed in Bronze 3. I kept demoting until I reached Bronze v itself. I always thought that my feeding team and trollers held me down until one day my Plat 2 friend decided to prove me wrong. Taking my account and he played 2 games in front of my eyes. 1st one he played veigar {{champion:45}} and solo carried the game, ending 25/9/9 despite his rengar never ganked him and fed so hard ending like 3/18 and enemy Evelynn camped him and was so fed like she ended 20/7. The 2nd on he decided to play morgana {{champion:25}} mid. In case I ever though he carried cause he played an OP champ or anything he played a support in the mid. Again he carried so hard and ended 8/2/17 helping his team an carrying them. He reminded me that he almost don't play mid in ranked. He playes tanks top like ornn and nautilus. That's when I realized how bad I was (I mean I'm still a bad silver guy but at least now I don't get 60 farm in 45 mins game {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} ) and decided to improve myself. I'm now silver v 80 LP and I hope to end gold (I've been taking a break from ranked for a while cause that much bronze games where quite stressful lol) and I'll never do te same mistake again. I'll never blame my inactive jungler or my feeding bot for my losses. If I'm good enough then I can win my lane and help my losing team to stop bleeding kills. However you have to accept that some games are unwinnable. if many lanes are behind and the enemy snowball properly and take objectives, the game would likely end before you can do anything. If u have like 2 afk/trollers and enemy alredy picked some kills so u mostly have to accept your fate and move on. It takes you just over 50% WR to climb. You don't need to win like 70% of the games. GL HF {{sticker:galio-happy}}
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