They should call it TFL, Team Fight Luck. In TFT, can anyone give me 1 example of tactics that is not based on luck? I mean 1 real good example. Don't say something like; - build this item (that's based on luck) - build this champ (that's based on luck) - combine these champs (that's based on luck) - safe gold for more income or buy exp (That is also based on luck, because you can not survive with only lvl 1 champs in the field, so you need to spend gold on champ refresh before you can safe gold or buy exp. Being exp lvl 6 with only lvl 1 champs will not work, I know I have tried.) Last game I had rangers,... my basic Vayne was stuck at lvl 1 from the start of the game. Nearing the end of the game I NEVER got an extra Vayne while my enemy had a level 3 Veigar. Come on, a lvl 3 Veigar, thats just ……….. pure skill and tactics for sure ;-) Anyway, just 1 example that actually has to do with real tactics instead of dumb luck would be much appreciated. Thanks..
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