A bad day to be a teacher...

_Disclaimer: Dear summoners, the context the characters and the conversation are all fictional. So, it does not have anything to do with our reality. Than you for understanding and please enjoy_ Spring, a sunny day in a kindergarden. Teacher: Okay kiddos, today we learn about constellations and sign of the zodiac. So the difference between the two is the application. We use constellations as scientific guides on the skies while the sign of the zodiac are more fictional, like the Leo, the Scorpio, or the Cancer... Random Kid: Miss, how do you spell Cancer? The teacher smiles and points at Boby. Teacher: Boby you are good at spelling. Please, spell Cancer for your class mate. Boby: OK, it is Y-A-S-U-O. The teacher is confused looking Teacher: Boby, that isn't a right answer! Please, try again. Boby look at the teacher and then start to speak again. Boby: I-R-E-L-I-A, is that right? The teacher looks at Boby strangely. Teacher: Boby I hope you didn't eat those mushrooms near the end of the yard. I give you one more chance. Boby is really surprised by the words of the teacher. Boby: No miss I didn't. Then I know the solution! It must be T-E-E-M-O! The Teacher facepalms herself. Teacher: No Boby, but I'll help you get out of bronze after school. The class is over we are going to have dinner soon.

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