I have no idea how you are in real life, I know nothing about you, never will, and I'd like to go the idea that you are lovely respectful people, you wacky fizz mains :D. But I'm treating you as the person you represent yourself as on League, and if you are a Fizz main, I hate you with every single ounce of my physical being, as does everyone else who has ever been one shot by you with literally 0 effort whatsoever. And everyone who so carefully aimed a skill shot or CC at you, and you press E and it's k. If you think this is a post made because I'm salty at a fizz I just lost against who flamed me into absolute hell, you'd be correct. But let's be fair, this is been the case for years. there's just something about this champion that makes my blood boil. Stop being a bitch, and fight like a man Fizz mains.
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