Free Skin Contest nr 20 Christmas Special

> This contest is now over, all rewards have been delivered (3.01.2016) > > Happy Holidays to everyone :) > [{quoted}](name=SeekerK,realm=EUNE,application-id=yTagKVTg,discussion-id=A4GwU1Ua,comment-id=006f,timestamp=2015-12-26T07:57:37.296+0000) > > Hello, the winners of this contest are: > > Silver Almighty > Fat Chipmunk > Nubluu > Aegis > Oceancroc > Noxxarian > Sylvant > Support Man > > Winners will be contacted shortly. Winners please add me ingame. Eune: SeekerK Euw: FSC SeekerK > If you decline the friend request, dont send me one or change your account name. You sadly wont resive anything. > > Happy holidays and enjoy the ending of the 2015 as well as you can :) Hello community While im still doing some rough study work in the ending college, im now able to send all the needed twitter rewards and contest nr 19 rewards, their ariving through out today. Wich also leads me to this contest. Calling it a Christmas special as the contest will end few days before christmas. **Contest task:** * In this contest, im asking you to write a short Chirstmas letter from one League of Legends champion to another. * Maybe its a love letter, maybe its a holiday themed letter, maybe its a hate letter between two enemies, maybe its something else, upto you. **Rules:** * I would prefer that the letter is minimum 5-6 lines long. * How you show the letter to me, is upto you. **Rewards:** * This contest will have mystery rewards to 8 players (eune or euw). * BUT if i see that there are enough players taking part of this contest. On a special date for me, i will add more winner spots. _Contest ends on 21.12.2015 10.00 UTC +2 Results will take 4-7 to come, Happy Holidays. Thank you for taking part of the Free Skin Contest series nr 20. I would appreciate if you could share it to your friends and to their friends. Upvote if you like the contest. _Good luck and have fun in the field of justice._ --- **Contest series base rules:** 1. All [Riot rules]( must be followed 2. Any negative behavior in the threads comments is not tolerated. If any found, that player gets banned from the contest. If such behavior is seen in multiple contest threads, then the player will be banned from the contest series. 3. I'm not rating any comments made, as every entry is equal to me till the contest ends. 4. Each contest will have their own extra rules, that must be followed for a successful entry.
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