Rito make me Head of Champion balance team pls

Imgur: The magic of the Internet
Imgur: The magic of the Internet
As long as you are holding a bottle of vodka, no one will question your balancing decisions. Rito Balancing Chatlogs in a nutshell: _Rito1: Let's buff the most cancerous ranged champion in the toplane ( no it is not jayce ). Rito2: Yes, Gnar should be always in the META. He's very interactive and fun for the enemy toplaner. Me: *Grabs his water pistol and sprays down both Rito members* Me: What the hell is wrong with you? I should stick both of your heads in the toilet. Rito 1/2: We are nerfing Frozen mallet so he could use a compensation. Me: Really? The moment he gets a mallet the laning phase is already over, you are straight up buffing his laning phase. Rito 1: No one will figure out our plan! Me: Oh, following your logic, let's make chogath ult do 100% of your max hp true dmg, but he dies 5 seconds upon using it. Rito 2: Oh yes! Tons of damage. And brings alot of counterplay. Me: So, what drugs have u been up to lately? _
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