Free Skin Contest series nr 18 (Eune/Euw) Worlds Special nr 1 GO FNATIC!

**No more comments, results on 11th!** > First of all Congratz to Fnatic for winning that hard last match and securing that first place in the group stage. > > Second half of Free Skin Contest Worlds Special starts on 15.10.2015 > > Winners of this contest are: > Abysmal Scream (EUNE) > xCillion (EUW) > > Well done to everyone who quessed it correctly! Hey Heres my little worlds oriented contest special! The mounthly contest will still come in the second part of this mounth. **Your task while taking part:** Comment here wich postion will Fnatic get in the group stage from 1-4. **Rewards:** From all who guessed correctly i will choose one EUW winner and one EUNE winner, who get each 975 RP skin of their own choice. Contest ends on 09.10.2015, reuslts on 12.10.2015 As always, thank you for taking part of my contests and **GO FNATIC** Also i would appreciate if you guys would follow me in the twitter, making some fun contests also in there:

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