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Hello and welcome to my very first RP contest, well i just got my sweet paycheck (mhhhmmm Pocket money) and i gues i can use 10€ of it and do something nice with it for the community :3 Gues i will go with the basic rules first - Do not be mean or offenssive towards others for X reason, else you will be disqualified from this event and all my future events :) - If you have any questions about the task, please be so kind and write only one comment asking me something, and do not repeat making comments, if my answers still haven't given you enough information, reply to me. **** Well, thats about the basic rules, now here comes the task : You have to create a champion, the champion must have SOME sort of True damage in EVERY of his abilitys ( Also the passive ability! ) AND, the champion should end up having a lower ban rate than Yasuo, Riven, Lee Sin or in general a ban rate of under 20% Not only that, but me and approx 2 others will also judge the balance of the champion!!! And the most balanced WILL WIN EDIT : Just to clear out confusion, the abilitys MUST NOT deal only true damage themself but need to cause true damage in some way to the enemy champions ! so Tl;dr Create a balanced champ that has some sort of true damage in all their abilitys c: Swain's Q&A {{champion:50}} Q : Can the champion also have physical or magical damage connected to his abilitys ? A : Yes summoner, but don't forget the Key aspect, the champion needs to have a logical amount of true damage connected to all of their abilitys! **** Q : Can i just do something like ? 0.0000000000000000000001% Of the main damage of the ability will be converted into true damage? A : No summoner, you HAVE to keep it logical, create the champion from the sight of Riot's balance and design team! Which means giving it laughable amounts of true damage on each ability will surely give you alot of minus points and may even disqualify you! **** Q : Will it help if i create lore or some kind of backstory ? A : Yes summoner, if it helps to understand why X ability does X kind of true damage it will surely give you PLUS points **** Q : Who will judge this contest? A : At the moment the summoners Doglife (the OP of this contest) and Catlife, but the team is still seeking for a worthy third judge ! **** Well, i hope i could see a few question of the future and answer them before the contest even starts {{summoner:13}} The contest will end at Friday - 14.07.2017 at 23:30 (German timezone!) Bad puns will get you disqualified not from future contests but from this one depending if the pun makes my guts hurt or not :3 (jk) Also btw, i am only 16 yet so i don't have a credit card, so once you won just tell me WHAT you want and i'll gift it to you! If the thing you want isn't avilable yet, you can keep me in ya friendlist till the thing you want is available, even if it's 10 months later i'll get it for ya if the price is under 1500 RP, you can also tell me to gift it to someone else if ya want :3 GOOD LUCK HAVE FUN SUMMONERS {{item:3422}} EDIT : Forgot to mention, this is an EUW only contest, but ofc you can participate as EUNE too just for the fun :§ EDIT 2 : Wanna give you a little hint so i made a little contest entry myself as example (i do not count as entry don't worry) Passive : Whenever you damage a champion with an ability you gain Hysteria stacks, up to a maximum of ten Every Hysteria stack will make your next auto atack deal 2% of the enemys max health as bonus True damage Hysteria stacks start decaying if you are for 10 seconds out of battle Q: The champion will hit their weapon into the ground, causing a damaging radius arround them to displace enemys If they casted it in themself they will knock enemys into their direction If casted on terrain enemys will be knocked back from the champion The ability deals 50 true damage and the damage increases by 25% for every enemy champion hit in the radius W: The champion will summon a kind of 'cage' the cage can be destroyed in the first 4 seconds by 3 enemy auto atacks, after 4 second it will harden into an untargetable terrain that dissapears after 13 seconds, you can cast your Q on the 'cage' to knock it into the enemys direction (as skillshot), if an enemy has been hit by the cage they will be impaled by crystal shards, durring them being impaled they take 25% increased damage by your passive E: You start throwing a straight slow skillshot kinda like Illaoi's E, if it hits an enemy they will be slowed by 10%, and you will be slowed by 15%, for every second it sticks to an enemy it does 50 true damage, but the connection will break if you get out of a certain radius that indicates the max length of the ability, if you are hit by the 'limb' your atack speed will also be lowered to up to 90% depending on your missing health, for every 1% of your HP missing, their atack speed will be slowed by 1%, max 90% Ult : You will basically turn rage mode and your abilitys will be disabled till it ends, also the passive, but your basic atacks will deal 50% of their damage as true damage, and critical hits will do full true damage auto atacks, your movement speed is increased by 20% durring the ult active, and you gain 10% tenacity The ult lasts for 10 seconds, and increases by 2 whenever you kill an enemy champion I hope this example could help you a little :P As you can see every ability does not have to deal true damage themself, but HAVE to be in some way connected to true damage EDIT3: Seems like Catlife is bussy right now, and as you can see, it is really easy to find an actually judge who wants to help me Well, all on me now, time to stay the night awake and decide the winner {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
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