That feeling when...

You go toplane as {{champion:111}} You gonna fight aganist {{champion:92}} Riven tries to combo you, but you just used w, and triggered courage of the collosus with passive. Riven ends up losing more hp than you because minions. Riven tries to trade with you few more times. But allways she ends up with losing more HP than you. You finally got 2700 gold so you decide to go back to base, BUY {{item:3068}} and go back while your lane is pushed. Riven makes brb + teleport buing {{item:3134}}, and {{item:3077}} . Riven decides to go all in int you, she turns on ult, and she forgots you have LARGE WAVE of minions on your side and fact she accidentaly went to your turret range, so you just cc ass out of her. Riven DIES. Riven starts to spam "WTF OP CHAMPION JUNGLER NO HELP!!!!" Riven becomes tilted and goes into you 2 more times and dies 2 more times. And then you go to LOL boards and see topic called "WTF NAUTILUS SO OP!!!!" Created by the same guy was that riven you pwned on toplane thanks to your tactical mind.
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