TFT is breaking LoL client and the game itself

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I can't even log in on my account and even if i get in it says im still in a game that ended 3 hours ago keeps spamming in the ended game ever since the server got crowded with tft edition its legit breaking the game because of non LoL players coming in and spamming the mode so that the server and client gets overloaded and results in problems for everyone maybe just remove tft from every server and make a seperate client for tft since it is fcking everything up cuz its so crowded can't even play ranked anymore unfortunatly ima play on NA till this TFT hype dies out i hope it is soon no offence riot but seperate client might fix 90% of the problems since you added this mode.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} PS: before you say use the report the bug button how am i supposed to do that if i can't even get into the client and even if i get in it puts me straight into a ended game.

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