Springtime Skin Contest - Winners🏆

We're happy to announce the winners of our Springtime Skin Contest!

You had many great ideas and drawings, we'd like to give special credit to TheShadowChamp who submitted two prize-worthy entries.
As you know, you can only get one prize, so we included a 6th winner to even it all out.

Here are the winners:

#1 Spring Butterfly Janna - Army Of Unicorns.

Congratulations, you win the first prize of 3250RP!


#2 Cottontail Nunu - TheShadowChamp.

You win the second prize - 2750RP!


#3 Springbringer Ivern - EquyNoxius.

You win the third prize - 2250RP!


#4 Flowerpath Rammus - TheShadowChamp.

You already won the 2nd prize, nice skin though! :P


#5 Cottontail Tryndamere - Dmitko.

The most glorious creation! Congrats, you win 1750RP! :P


#6 Explorer Quinn - Nakoruru.

Last but not least, you will get 1250RP for this great Quinn skin!


Thank you all for participating, the internal voting was super close,
so you definitely don't need to feel bad if you didn't make it this time!

Thanks for participating, we hope we'll see you again next time.

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