Just a sad story

Long long time ago (or maybe just about month ago) I played game where I was a jungler, and game goes not very well. Thats ok - shit happens, but then some trash who lose his lane start to blame me. Wtf? if you are trash stay quiet, why you blame others? So he implicate me in to a fight and I get 14 days ban after this. I think I deserve that. But this is just the beginning of the story. Later riot give me a mission to "play 10 placement games and you get 2,5k xp" and I really regret I get hooked up on this. Was Plat2 back in the season 6 and then in season 7 decide to not climb the ladder and stay in gold. So even if I was lower than I actually can be, I win just 3 of 10 placement games, funny right? After this I try to play some normals and now my I have 1 win out of 11 normal games. Do riot intentionally giving me teams I can't win for sure just to tilt me? I'm not out of steel so I can explode one day and then they could perma ban me? Is this is your plan dear riot? But why? Is this because I don't buy RP for a long time so they decide to get rid of me?

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