Me with Soraka and Kleptomancy

I saw a post where someone said that he get flamed for taking Soraka with Klepto. I said that it will be fun if I try this because I founded something very interesting: * I can spam Q very often and the animation of my Q is faster than the animation for the basic --> one proc for sure. * Enemies try to dodge my Q so they don't try to hit me --> second proc * I get movements speed + health regen so I denine the damage that I get until I hit them and also I get away very fast from minions because I take the agro. I this way I make the minions chase me so long and accidentaly push the lane. * Get way too much Gold from this because in min 4-5 I already have like 200 gold from the rune + stacks of gold (in first game I got 2 stack with gold in a row) * At lvl 1 I already let the enemy bot with less than 40% HP just solo because my ADC was farming. * I max Q first (low elo) and I can go 1v2 because I heal back all the damage I get. So my ADC just stay back and get all the farm like in Co-op games games --> no reason to max W in he don't get hurt. Now I am in Bronze I. I will test Klepto on Soraka and see how far I can get. For now I get only 15 LP per win because I lowered my MMR way too much.
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