Upset with League? Say no more!

Because I got the perfect solution for you to vent off your frustration, anger, and many other negative emotions! Here are the things you need: a punching bag, boxing gloves, a printer, some tape, 2 walkie talkies, and a friend of yours. Now it's easy and simple. 1- Find a punching bag and boxing gloves. A gym should do or if you can buy your own. Either is fine. As long as you acquire those gears. 2- Find a printer (With a computer, duh) and print out a picture on the paper. It can be a picture of GhostCrawler, Meddler, CertainlyT, or just big words saying "Riot's Balance team," use your imagination. 3- Once you print out the paper of your choice, tape it on the punching bag. Then get the Walkie talkies, tape one on the punching bag (or open the punching bag and shove the Walkie talkie in, whatever) and give the other walkie talkie to your friend. If you don't have friends then hire someone. Or don't get the Walkie talkies. They are not necessary but can reduce the fun. 4- put on the boxing gloves, take a deep breath, and start punching the hell out of the punching bag, all the while with the picture of your choice, to make you feel you are beating the deal out of a Rioter you very much dislike. And to top it off, your friend with the Walkie talkie will make "ouch" and "oof" noises every time you punch the bag. To make it even more realistic (bonus: have your friend do some sort anime girl screaming like it's hentai screams or something. If too awkward, get your phone and have it at max volume. I don't know). You can also say some sentences after every punch like "this is for making Yasuo!" Or "this is for nerfing ADC!" Or whatever, use your imagination. Good luck! And have fun abusing the punching bag. TLDR: just get a punching bag, some boxing gloves, shove in a walkie talkie and a picture of a Rioter on the punching bag, get a friend and give him a Walkie talkie and have him make "ouch" noises to make the punching bag feel alive and suffering.
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