Monthly Skin Giveaway Round 4- August [TRIPLE GIVEAWAY DUH!]

Original post: [here]( Previous Giveaways: June- [here]( July- [here]( I'll make it short here, if you wanna know why I'm doing this giveaway you can read the original forum post ;) _____________________________________________________________________ This month's giveaway will be bigger. better. TRIPLED. Duh. **How can I join?** Well, there are **THREE** ways this month: 1. You have an idea for an awesome new skin? Show it to the world! But it's not enough to just say "hey, I think a Justicar Morgana would be nice!", no! It's like in the last giveaway- there must be a story behind it! How did your champ get this new skin? 2. You have an idea for a new champion? You guessed it! Show it to us! What are his abilities? What makes him so unique that he HAS to be in the game? How did he/she/it join the Fields of Justice? 3. Gamemodes! Riot is frequently releasing temporary gamemodes which are sometimes AWESOME (URF! DUH!) or sometimes...not that awesome (everyone has that one gamemode he never played because it was lame while some others hyped them to death) Well, maybe **you** have an awesome idea for a new gamemode! Show it to us! Here's an example for a gamemode which i find pretty awesome though: **What can I win?** ~~Every month I will chose two people, one will get a skin for the maximum amount of 975 RP, the other one gets a mystery gift.~~ **FORGET THIS!** This month is different! This month is better! This month is full of skins! For every of the three parts of the giveaway there will be **AT LEAST** two winners! Both getting a mystery gift. That's 6 mystery gifts! But wait! There's more! There will be another winner who get's a skin of his choice! But not for the maximum of 975 RP. That's boring. Let's raise it to...**1820**!!! And because it isn't enough yet, we will have one additional winner on EUW chosen by **GPet** who gets a skin of his choice for 975 RP. Aaaaand for our fellow EUNE people there will also be two additional winner chosen by **Coxis**! **This giveaway is completely open for both communities, EUW and EUNE!** ________________________________________________________________ There will be some additional prices in additional giveaways some time in the future, I will add the links below if I make some this month! **Additional giveaways:** -Planned but still in progress [Card Skins- poker contest. if anyone has an idea how to do this with the community- contact me ingame!] -There will be a Halloween Giveaway on October exclusively for Harrowing Skins! Prepare~ _______________________________________________ **Donations** If you want to help make this giveaway even bigger, so we could make even more people happy, you can donate to me (via Paypal)~ If there is enough money, I will add more prices~ [Donaterino link~]( _______________________________________ Winners of July: I couldn't decide so I just gave 2 people the skin they desired! :) **Pantalaêmon** and her Sinful Succulence Morgana! aaaaand **erlendking** and his Woad King Darius! Winners chosen by Coxis: **Ryuuku Kun** (EUNE) and **Archangal** (EUNE)
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