''Atack on Cho'gath'' :P

I just remembered a funny silly thing 1 season ago x'D so my Team was Ace'd(to 80%) , i was a Full-Tank cho'gath sitting in a warded Bush , and instead of using this monstrosity that called ''Death-timer'' to finish the game they wrote in all chat : ''OK TEAM !!! , our mission is clear !!! we wont return home before we got the titan ! so prepare your weapons and chase him down !!!'' and the other ones just writen ''YES SIR !'' so there began a little mini game x'D , they just chased me trough the whole jungle x'D , always runned into my Q , i just ran away x'D , that was so silly and funny x'DD , and after i died (after like 2 minutes lol) they wrote : 'YES MATES !!! WE GOT THE TITAN !!!!!'' and i was just like : ''Lol , now ive lost my stacks :'('' did you also had some hilarious moments like these :P ? Btw: because of my size + metal drink , i almost runed into every skillshit , still it took so long >_> , well good ol time where a Tank was a Tank i didn't even tryed to kill one , it was just to funny xD
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