Is it just me or is the game Snowbally af right now??

Out of my 20 last games most games every game except 2-3 were this: One team is knocking on the enemy base at min 15-20 and that team will win the game around 10-15 min later. I feel like every game I have is decided within the first 10 minutes.. I can't remember the last big comeback my or the enemy team had during a ranked game. And I am **cking gold.. Games used to be with 2-3 comebacks each game. Nowadays games are like one team is winning the other is trying its best to comeback but it just wont happen. And it feels like I don't evnen affect if i win or lose.. i lose so many games in which i hard carry and i win so many games in which i totally suck the last days.. ranked just feels so random.

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