"Troll" champions

{{champion:105}} has troll pole {{champion:8}} has troll pool {{champion:53}} has troll pull {{champion:223}} has troll swallow {{champion:34}} has troll wall {{champion:163}} Donald Trump is proud {{champion:48}} is a troll himself {{champion:17}} has troll blind, troll poison, troll move quick, troll mushrooms and troll invisibility. He is an actual troll! {{champion:60}} has troll hop {{champion:27}} is troll running simulator {{champion:35}} is another actual troll with troll invisibility, troll fear boxes, troll R that converts the whole game into a circus! And he's a clown! {{champion:432}} has troll... freeze? and troll tunnels for sure. {{champion:30}} has troll R(Afk pentakills) {{champion:13}} Open the gate to hell!

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