9 loss streak.

9 losses in a row. 18 solo laners lost their lane. Can someone tell me the odds of that? I got into diamond with a 64% winrate I was gaining 25lp per win in platinum 1. I won my first game in diamond which only gave me 16lp. Then I lost a whopping 9 times in a row. Now I finally won a single game. I played poorly, my tilt is heavier than nuclear fallout. I'm melting on the inside. The win gave me 13lp. Never in my life have I gained that little lp. I didn't even know it was possible. I guess it's pointless to keep on playing. My mmr has been destroyed. Better just go on a new account. Nevermind I calculated the odds myself. If we assume there is a 50/50 chance of which lane will win, having 18 solo laners lose in a row has a 0.5^18=0.00000381469 chance of happening. How unlucky am I?
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