Syndra's audio illusion.

Champion Select "So much untapped power!" "People fear what they cannot understand."
so, today i was listening to some champion's quotes in leagueoflegends wiki and for some reasons, i decided to listen to syndra's {{champion:134}} quotes. and when i was about to listen to her pick quote, the describtion said "so much untapped power" i was like what the hell i thought she says "so much untacked power" or something like that with a "K", i played the audio thing and it clearly said "so much untapped power" i replayed it and i moved my lips at the same time syndra {{champion:134}} speaks and i said "so much untacked power" AND I LITERALLY HEARED HER SAY "so much untacked power" i replayed it once again but this time i moved my lips to say "so much untapped power" and this time i heared her say "so much untapped power" YOU LITERALLY CAN HEAR BOTH isnt that weird? u can hear whatever u want.

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