My teammate Darius...

Start a game with Darius in team. Cool skin, cool name, trust him so I don't look at his mastery score. He walks on top, already kill the enemy top laner... I was happy. He gets lvl 6, try to {{summoner:12}} on bot behind the enemies while we was ganked by the jungler. In my mind was a picture with Darius doing an easy triple kill and I was like "ok, ok, easy LP no problem". DARIUS ARRIVE!!!! FLASH ON THE...the... ok he wants some style points... FLASH ON THE ENEMY ADC! PRESS R AND.... ehm.... Press R, fight 1v3 because for me and ADC was a big brain stun. To be more clear: ALL 5 had a brain stun, but we are low elo so we play with "auto attack" on and he died in like 3-4 seconds. I tried to be on his side. Maybe he had lag or missclick on the R when he want to press on E, I don't know. But don't pass much time and I read in chat "WHY DOES MY ULT NOT STACK?????". Meanwhile the other members of my team...

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