Thot Hunting 101

In this absolutely not ironic guide I will tell you how to THOT HUNT. The best champions to thot hunt are: Talon {{champion:91}} , Varus {{champion:110}} (because he's gay he doesn't like women) and Jhin {{champion:202}} . Now,first of all I gotta tell you what a thot is. The biggest examples of thots in league are Evelynn {{champion:28}} ,Miss Fortune {{champion:21}} and Ahri {{champion:103}},you might say that all women are thots but no,there are some exceptions: Poppy {{champion:78}} and Annie {{champion:1}} can't be thots,since one is underage the other only smashes her hammer at people. You might say then "Lux is not a thot,she's underage!" but ~~yes you're right she can't be a thot~~ she a thot. Camille {{champion:164}} is a thot too,since even though she can't smash she broke a man's heart,and that's thotty enough. Now,I got no Idea how to play Varus and Jhin since I picked them randomly,but I can tell you how to thot hunt with Talon. You either go jungle or mid,preferably jungle. Gank the lane with more thots (Example,if Bot lane has Ahri support and MF adc,babysit that lane),after killing a thot write this message in all chat: "BEGONE THOT!" The build you'll run is called a "Thots are lethal but so am I" Which means 6 duskblades {{item:3147}} ,I know lethality has been nerfed but do you think this guide is serious,c'mon. I posted it in the jokes session. Don't try this please I suck at league I shoudln't be coaching anyone.
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