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Hello Riot Games! I am theSeeker88 and I have been playing League since season 1. Firstly let me say that LoL is the best game I have ever played. Lately I`ve been thinking on how to improve the game system or to lure even more players into this awesome game and I came up with an idea, that seems pretty great to me. The idea is to enter a new game mode - League Tournaments. I will try to explain it in the following points: 1. Every League tier could have this mode and only players from the same tier could join in a tournament. For example: Gold tier players from Gold V to Gold I could join in the tournament 2. The teams would be random based, just like the solo queue system and when 5 players got together, they would play as a team through the entire tournament 3. The tournament would be constructed so that 8 teams could join in playing in brackets. So there would be quarter finals, semi finals and a final game (If it would be played as best of 1 or more that is open to discussion). 4. There would be 2 types of tournaments - IP and RP entry tournaments. This means that players would enter the tournament by paying in IP points or in RP points. 5. The prizes would also consist of IP and RP points depending on the entry fee. For example: a tournament would have a 500 RP points entry fee and the first prize would be 15000 RP points ( so every player would get 3000 RP points as 1st prize). This means there would be 5000 RP points left - which means a profit for RIOT games. For the second placed team you could give out some awesome skins i guess. And in the same manner there could be IP based tournaments. 6. Lastly I would suggest that every tier would have Hi & Low entry fee tournaments. For example: Platinum tier would have a RP entry fee from 100 RP points to lets say 2000 RP points and the prizes would be divided accordingly. So if you like my idea please let me know :D I`ve been a faithful player since season I and I wanted to give something back to RIOT games for the entertainment you provided. Also I have other ideas too, so maybe in the future we could work together to make this game even better!! Thank you RIOT and take care! theSeeker88 _____________________________________________ {{summoner:1}} the spirit. {{summoner:14}} the heart!
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