Can we have bilgewater event back please? Add it at a game rotating mode

Bilgewater: Burning Tides
While Twisted Fate and Graves have escaped, Bilgewater devours itself as the streets ring with the shrieks of the desperate and the dying. A war started by the spread of three words: Gangplank is dead.
Hello people, for those of you which recall that event, it was fenomenal the artwork, sounds, creatinons. Overall the input of developers that went into making that awesome game mode. + the story omg the story and the feeling {{sticker:sg-lux}} so I ask the community : up vote this post so we get it back, thank you {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} funny thing at the end : I bet the game mode files are still on our pc's hard drive. So why not play the game which takes a lot of the space on our computers ? XD ( as a motivation )
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