Dodgeball in Summoner's Rift!

League of Legends Dodgeball
Basically a match between any champ with low cooldown single target skillshots.
_This game is played in the Baron pit, it's a deathmatch where the teams will position themselves on the opposite sides of the pit and try to hit the enemy champions using only their skillshot ability, until only one team remains alive_ --- #***Before starting:*** •Level up **only** your **skillshot ability** •Everyone has to buy one {{item:1027}}**Sapphire Crystal** and a {{item:2055}}**Control Ward**, nothing else •After buying, go into the **Baron pit** and place your *Control Ward* in the middle, to form a separating 'net' with the other wards •Don't try to damage anyone, disable your *Auto-attacks* in the Options *(GAME>Scroll to Gameplay>Untick 'Auto attack')* •Each team has to position in one half of the Baron pit •At this point arrange in */all* chat a timestamp to start *(ex. Start at 1:30)* --- #**RULES** •After starting you can't leave the Baron pit •Don't surpass the wards net •You can only use your skillshot ability to attack •If you die, don't go in the Baron pit and don't use abilities until the round is over •Never go near the lanes and don't kill jungle camps, everyone has to stay **level 1** The game can have **3 rounds** *(or more)* •A round is won by the last standing team •After every round, everyone is allowed to buy an additional {{item:1027}}**Sapphire Crystal** •After every round, the teams have to swap the Baron pit half they are in --- At **10:00** and **20:00** the *Rift Herald* and *Baron Nashor* will spawn. -At this time the game will have to be suspended and the teams can temporarily buy items to kill them, before resuming the game. After playing for a while, the XP gained from champion kills will trigger *level ups*. -At this point those who didn't level up yet can go into a lane and get XP from minions, so that everyone will be at the same level. -The skill points shall be put *only* in your skillshot ability. --- [*Champions with single target skillshots:*]( {{champion:103}} Ahri "**E**" {{champion:84}} Akali "**E**" *(only first cast)* {{champion:432}} Bard "**Q**" {{champion:63}} Brand "**Q**" {{champion:201}} Braum "**Q**" {{champion:36}} Dr. Mundo "**Q**" {{champion:28}} Evelynn "**Q**" *(only first cast)* {{champion:81}} Ezreal "**Q**" {{champion:114}} Fiora "**W**" {{champion:427}} Ivern "**Q**" {{champion:202}} Jhin "**W**" {{champion:222}} Jinx "**W**" {{champion:145}} Kai'Sa "**W**" {{champion:429}} Kalista "**Q**" {{champion:85}} Kennen "**Q**" {{champion:121}} Kha'Zix "**W**" {{champion:96}} Kog'Maw "**Q**" {{champion:7}} LeBlanc "**E**" {{champion:64}} Lee Sin "**Q**" *(only first cast)* {{champion:99}} Lux "**Q**" {{champion:25}} Morgana "**Q**" {{champion:76}} Nidalee "**Q**" {{champion:107}} Rengar "**E**" {{champion:68}} Rumble "**E**" {{champion:13}} Ryze "**Q**" {{champion:14}} Sion "**E**" {{champion:223}} Tahm Kench "**Q**" {{champion:101}} Xerath "**E**" {{champion:350}} Yuumi "**Q**" *(can't use W)* {{champion:154}} Zac "**Q**" *(only first cast)* **SUMMONER SPELLS:** **{{summoner:6}} Ghost {{summoner:7}} Heal {{summoner:21}} Barrier {{summoner:4}} Flash** **BANNED RUNES:** **Inspiration** - _Kleptomancy_, _Magical Footwear_, _Biscuit Delivery_ --- ===**LoL Custom Game Modes Discord server**=== ======== ======== {{sticker:leblanc-funny}} *Have fun!*
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