Win a mystery gift! - It's my birthday!

So since it was my birthday yesterday and i got to buy some RP, i thought i'd share the joy with all of you (hopefully atleast) So here's your chance to win a mystery gift! (Only one though, i don't have that much RP, sorry :/) All you have to do is entertain me with your own story, what type of story it is doesn't matter at all, just use your imagination! (hint: my favorite champions are Riven, Thresh, Vayne, Zed & Syndra) (hint 2: i love silly or romantic stories ;)) I hope you'll be interested and i'm excited to see what your imagination will bring! Winner will be choosen Friday! (If i'm home that is) Much love! - Broken Feelings (Alternatively you can add me on the game if you want to play some ARAM games! I'm not very good though so don't expect to win xd)
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