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Dear fellow League of Legends players, Riot sucks and they need to fix their game, this game is honestly such a shitty waste of time. If it was less shitty, I would play 11 games a day instead of 10 games a day. Honestly I hate Riot and I hate League. They force me to spend money on skins when I don't even want them, and then they do balance changes from their dumb balance team who should all be fired instantaneously and simultaneously and hire me instead. I may only be 16, but I could easily do a better job than all of the balance team just by myself because I got an A in Maths this year. Also please nerf Master Yi and Garen. Garen is tanky and has an execute which makes no sense at all and Master Yi can use Alpha Strike when he is fed which also makes no sense at all. The balance team is so incompetent and I hate League! Brb just gonna have a quick game. PS: Eternals are the worst idea I have ever heard and I would like you all to sign a petition to replace Meddler with me instead. I will make Eternals free and I will also bring mastery level up from 7 to 10. TFT is also a stupid waste of time but I am addicted so I play it when I'm eating my breakfast. In fact I would like to see Riot add a 'I am eating breakfast' button so that it slows down TFT more, that shit is way too fast paced and it doesn't give me enough time to think with my brain. Regards, XLBENCHPRESS
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