How can a bad yasuo player have a Level 7 Mastery and be considered a "Typcial Yasuo Main" ?

You don't hear a lot of people say "Yooo this one Yasuo did a sick play duuude, like, E + Q + Flash 'n' stuff" The only thing i hear, no matter where i am. Either talking to my Discord Friends, IRL friends, classmates or even random teammates you find in games, is the following: "I had a really shi**y Yasuo last game, he went 0/16 in 8 minutes, fed the enemy so hard that we couldn't carry him out" "Typical Yasuo main, feed and blame others while spamming level 7" i can understand whether some players are trolling, but most Yasuos i see are trying their best to beat their laner in a trade, but almost everytime they fail to do so. yet, they have a mastery 7 with at least more than 90k heck i once met a horrible Yasuo player He had a good skin on himself 11 million mastery points and yet he hard lost his lane not sure if it was the actual person playing or some random dude who paid the account and had me in his first game.
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