Riot your placement games is the biggest joke, %%%% off

Ok last season i ended at gold 4 and been for a while before jumping between g4 and g3. During preseason i played at same mmr. Now i do my promo games and I win first game, it places me BRONZE 3, fine u get placed low early, but then u only get %%%%ing 40lp per win?? And u dont jump tiers or leagues at all for winstreaks? which should be used to show u are placed too low. AFter doing my promos and winning 8 out of 10, and in all wins i performed good or carried the game. Its just %%%%ing stupid broken %%%%ing system. Clearly I won alot of my games and overperformed for the rank i was playing in, yet after the 10th game there is NO "final" adjustment to place u abit higher maybe, maybe it shooouuld as i won 8/10 %%%%ing games. Instead nope, it drops me at bronze 1 Ok so ending season as g4, winning almost all games, and yet u placed a FULL tier below?? I understand u normally get placed lower to work ur wayt back to where u were, but %%%%ing bronze??? Go %%%% urself riot u stinking %%%%s
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