Why riot doesnt make events anymore

Rito:"events gamemode take too many resource" 100 ahri lux and kai'sa skins But but but these skins make money. Me after Odyssey :" why does everyone have odyssey skin and border,I gotta get them too" Me after Star Guardian event:"why does everyone have the star guardian skin, gotta buy one too. " Me after Project event:"I can see why everyone has one of those skin, I have one too after all" Me during urf and arurf:"Yeah I can see that everybody is playing this thing, wait is that the urf ward and icon? TAKE MY MONEY" Me in a vacantion during Bilgewater:"What even is a vacation, I gotta play lol, how can they already have all the icons, why dont I have one? " Me during new year event that didnt have a gamemode:"ah, nasus is a super saiyan now? Yeah, I dont care" Me during the Garen and Darius Wolf thing, I seriusly dont even remember what that is, oh you get a wolf when ulting? Its fine, I guess. Why are there no gamemode anymore? There is a diference between making money whit skin and making people coming back to the game, attract people and make them buy the skin whit the gamemode. Attracting and repeaking peoe onterest should be the n 1 interest.
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